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Hunting Hours

2024-2025 Official Hunting Hours for Game Animals and Forest Grouse*

Always know your target.

The “golden hour” may be an effective time for finding game, but as light diminishes, so does your ability to identify your target. In these situations, make sure you know your target and what is beyond.

*These are lawful hunting hours (one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset) for game animals and forest grouse (ruffed, blue, spruce) during established seasons.


(a) Bobcat and raccoon are exempt from hunting hour restrictions except as stated on Deer General Seasons. A small game license is required to harvest a bobcat or raccoon. Night hunting for bobcat is prohibited in the following GMUs: 101, 105, 108, 111, 113, 117, 203, 204, 215, 218, 224, 231, 233, 242-247, 250, 426, and 450.

(b) Hunting hours for falconry seasons (except migratory game bird seasons) are exempt from these hunting hours, except on designated pheasant release sites.

Hunting hours for turkeys are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset. Turkey and other small game seasons will be published in the Game Bird and Small Game Regulations pamphlet in June.

Dates (Inclusive)

Western Washington

Eastern Washington

Daylight Savings Time

Sun. Sept. 1-Sun. Sept. 8

6:00 am-8:15 pm

5:45 am-8:00 pm

Mon. Sept. 9-Sun. Sept. 15

6:10 am-8:00 pm

6:00 am-7:45 pm

Mon. Sept. 16-Sun. Sept. 22

6:20 am-7:45 pm

6:10 am-7:30 pm

Mon. Sept. 23-Sun. Sept. 29

6:30 am-7:30 pm

6:20 am-7:15 pm

Mon. Sept. 30-Sun. Oct. 6

6:40 am-7:15 pm

6:30 am-7:05 pm

Mon. Oct. 7-Sun. Oct. 13

6:50 am-7:00 pm

6:40 am-6:50 pm

Mon. Oct. 14-Sun. Oct. 20

7:00 am-6:50 pm

6:50 am-6:35 pm

Mon. Oct. 21-Sun. Oct. 27

7:10 am-6:35 pm

7:00 am-6:25 pm

Mon. Oct. 28-Sat. Nov. 2

7:20 am-6:25 pm

7:10 am-6:20 pm

Pacific Standard Time

Sun. Nov. 3

6:20 am-5:25 pm

6:10 am-5:20 pm

Mon. Nov. 4-Sun. Nov. 10

6:30 am-5:15 pm

6:20 am-5:00 pm

Mon. Nov. 11-Sun. Nov. 17

6:40 am-5:05 pm

6:30 am-4:50 pm

Mon. Nov. 18-Sun. Nov. 24

6:50 am-4:55 pm

6:40 am-4:45 pm

Mon. Nov. 25-Sun. Dec. 1

7:00 am-4:50 pm

6:50 am-4:40 pm

Mon. Dec. 2-Sun. Dec. 8

7:10 am-4:50 pm

7:00 am-4:40 pm

Mon. Dec. 9-Sun. Dec. 15

7:15 am-4:50 pm

7:05 am-4:40 pm

Mon. Dec. 16-Sun. Dec. 22

7:20 am-4:50 pm

7:10 am-4:40 pm

Mon. Dec. 23-Sun. Dec. 29

7:25 am-4:55 pm

7:10 am-4:45 pm

Mon. Dec. 30-Sun. Jan. 5

7:25 am-5:00 pm

7:15 am-4:45 pm

Mon. Jan. 6-Sun. Jan. 12

7:25 am-5:05 pm

7:15 am-4:55 pm

Mon. Jan. 13-Sun. Jan. 19

7:20 am-5:15 pm

7:10 am-5:05 pm

Mon. Jan. 20-Sun. Jan. 26

7:15 am-5:25 pm

7:05 am-5:15 pm

Mon. Jan. 27-Fri. Jan. 31

7:10 am-5:35 pm

7:00 am-5:25 pm