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Safe & Ethical Turkey Hunting

  1. Be sure of your target. After you pull the trigger, it’s too late.
  2. ALWAYS ask permission to hunt on private land. Most landowners are cooperative if you ask.
  3. Do not attempt to stalk a turkey. That gobbler you’re stalking may be another hunter.
  4. Unless absolutely necessary, don’t use a gobbler call. This call can be productive, but also very dangerous. Use this call when all else fails and then sparingly.
  5. Never wear any red, white, or blue clothes. These are the colors of the gobbler’s head, the primary target of the turkey hunter.
  6. Never presume what you hear is a turkey. Many hunters are convincing callers.
  7. Select a calling site that gives at least 40 yards of vision in all directions and sit with your back to a large tree.
  8. If another hunter is working a bird, don’t spoil it by calling or spooking the bird.
  9. Make sure that the gobbler is within sure range of the shotgun and shoot only the neck and head.
  10. Call out in a loud, clear voice if you see another hunter (especially if they are close to your “line of sight”).

For more information, see The Basics of Turkey Hunting in Washington at