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Cooperative Road Management Areas

Why Close Roads?

Studies in the Pacific Northwest have shown that most big game animals avoid active roads by at least one-quarter mile, and some move as much as four miles to escape traffic. Closing roads can provide large undisturbed areas for wildlife, like elk, deer, bighorn sheep, eagles, and wild turkeys during critical times of the year.

Intensively managed forests may have three to nine miles of road for each square mile of habitat. For each mile of road, at least four acres are directly removed as productive habitat.

Animals need energy to survive. Energy spent moving away from disturbances can deplete the energy needed to survive to late spring or give birth to a healthy elk calf. By limiting disturbance, road closures can enhance the health, reproduction, and number of animals in an area.

What's Being Done

WDFW, with the help of state, federal, and private landowners, coordinates the closure of certain roads to reduce hunter crowding and disturbance to wildlife. Roads have been closed to vehicular traffic in over 65 areas, providing over a million acres of relatively undisturbed prime hunting habitat. It is illegal to operate a motor-driven vehicle on closed roads unless exempted by WDFW or the cooperative agency or company.

Road management areas are generally not closed to all entry, just motorized vehicles. You can walk, bicycle, or horseback ride in the area as much as you like!

There two types of road closures in the program:

  1. “Posted Closed” System. Roads that are closed in an area are posted “closed to vehicular traffic, including ATVs.
  2. Green Dot System. Under this system, all roads in an area are closed unless posted OPEN with a green dot. You may drive on any roads that have circular green reflectors posted along the roadway. Roads without green reflectors are closed to motor vehicles. To help users, large information boards can be found at major points of entry into the area. Areas under the Green Dot System are designated with (*) below.

Only portions of the identified GMUs below contain road management areas. Due to changes in land ownership and multi-partner agreements, the final status of Cooperative Road Management areas may change. Check with cooperating landowners and Regional WDFW offices for any changes.

U.S. Forest Service Road Closure maps can be found at

Cooperative Road Management Areas





101 Sherman Storm King Apr. 1-Dec. 31
Sherman Creek Dec. 1-Apr. 1
111 Aladdin Dominion Mountain Year-round
113 Selkirk Sullivan Lake Year-round
Snyder Hill Sept. 1-Nov. 30
CCA 15 Year-round
Loop Creek Year-round
USFS road closures:
"ID Panhandle Travel map"
117 49 Degrees N Winchester 35 Year-round
Donaldson Year-round
Buck Creek Year-round
Nelson Peak Year-round
121 Huckleberry Lane Mtn Year-round
Dry Crk/Service Crk Year-round
Huckleberry Crk Apr. 1-Dec. 31
Deer Crk Year-round
124 Mt. Spokane Blanchard/Lake of the Woods Year-round
127 Mica Peak Mica Peak Year-round
162 Dayton Griffen Peak/Chase Mt Oct. 1-Nov. 30
175 Lick Creek Hogback/Triple Ridge Aug. 1-Nov. 30
Lick Creek
"Umatilla USFS Road Mgmt. guide"
Closures variable;
251 Mission Naneum* Year-round
328 Naneum Naneum* Year-round
329 Quilomene Naneum* Year-round
Whiskey Dick* Year-round
336 Taneum L.T. Murray* Year-round
340 Manastash L.T. Murray* Year-round
342 Umtanum Cleman Mt./Wenas* Year-round
360 Bethel Oak Creek* Year-round
368 Cowiche Ahtanum/Cowiche* Year-round
615 Clearwater Clearwater Sept. 1-May 1
621 Olympic Lilliwaup Oct. 1-Apr. 15
636 Skokomish Upper Wynoochee R Oct. 1-Apr. 30
Skokomish River Oct. 1-Apr. 30
Lake Cushman Oct. 1-Apr. 30
638 Quinault Ridge Quinault Ridge Year-round
648 Wynoochee Polson/Hoppers Year-round
West Wynoochee Year-round
East Wishkaw R Year-round
653 Greenwater River/White River Elk Winter Range FSR 7010, 7012, 7013, 7160, and 72*** Closed Dec. 15-May 1
Greenwater River/White River Winter Recreation-SnowPark*** FSR 70 (beyond MP 10.3), 7060, 73*** Closed Dec. 15-May 1
Greenwater River Year-round Wildlife Closures FSR 7012-240, 7020, 70-223, 7080-210 Closed year-round
654 Mashel Hancock/ORM/Hampton/Muckleshoot forestlands Year-round except special permittee access*
DNR Elbe Hills Road 5 Sept. 1-Mar. 15 except special permittee access**
660 Minot Peak Lower Chehalis Year-round
Williams Creek Year-round
666 Deschutes Black River/Scatter Crk Year-round
667 Skookumchuck Skookumchuck Wildlife Area Year Round except special permittee access**