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Rocky Mountain Goat Hunt Descriptions

900 Series Hunt Descriptions

For those hunt descriptions with [MAP] following the description, maps can be found on our website at

Hunt 946A: Strawberry Mtn - 65% public lands. That part of Unit 46 east of US Hwy 395.

Hunts 950A1, 950A2 and 950A3: Elkhorn - All of Units 50 and 51.

HUNT 953A: S Wallowa Mtn - Units 53, 62, 63 and that portion of unit 60 that falls south of the following line. Beginning at Meads Flat Trailhead; southeast on Minam Rvr trail (1673) to Ivan Carper trail (1671); east on Ivan Carper trail (1671) to Lakes Basin trail (1810); east on Lakes Basin tail (1810) to Moccasin trail (1810A); east on Moccasin trail (1810A) to Glacier Lake trail (1806); southeast on Glacier Lake trail (1806) to junction with West Fork Wallowa trail (1820). [MAP]

Hunt 956A: N Wenaha - 100% public lands. That portion of Unit 56 within the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness; north of the Wenaha Rvr and west of Butte Cr.

Hunts 959A1 and 959A2: Hat Point - 95% public lands. That part of Unit 59 north of Freezeout Creek Rd 4230 and Saddle Creek Trail 1776.

Hunt 959B1 and 959B2: S Snake Rvr No. 1 and S Snake Rvr No. 2 - 95% public lands. That part of Unit 59 south of Freezeout Cr Rd 4230 and Saddle Cr Trail 1776.

Hunt 960A1: E. Hurricane Cr - 97% public land. That part of Unit 60 beginning at Wallowa Lk trailhead; south on trail 1820 to trail 1806; northwest on trail 1806 to trail 1810A; north on trail 1810A to trail 1810; west on trail 1810 to trail 1807; north on trail 1807 to Hurricane Creek Rd; north on Hurricane Creek Rd to Airport Ln; east on Airport Ln to Hwy 82; south on Hwy 82 to Wallowa Lk trailhead, point of beginning. [MAP]

Hunt 960A2: W. Hurricane Cr - 90% public lands. That part of Unit 60 beginning at Lostine; south along Lostine Rvr Rd and East Fork trail 1662 to trail 1810; north along trail 1810 to trail 1807; north along trail 1807 to Hurricane Cr Rd; north on Hurricane Cr Rd to Hwy 82; west on Hwy 82 to Lostine, point of beginning. [MAP]

Hunt 960B1 and 960B2: Goat Mtn No. 1 and Goat Mtn No 2- 95% public lands. That part of Unit 60 as follows: Beginning at Boundary Campground; north on FR 040 to junction of Rd 8250; southeast on 8250 to junction of Lostine River Rd 8210; south on 8210 to Bowman Trail 1651; southwest on trail 1651 to junction of Bear Cr trail 1653; north on 1653 to Washboard Ridge Trail 1680; north on 1680 to Stanley Spring Trail 1677; north on 1677 to wilderness boundary; east on wilderness boundary to Doc Cr; north on Doc Cr to Bear Cr; north on Bear Cr to Boundary Campground, point of beginning. [MAP]

HUNT 960C: Copper Cr - 100% public land. That part of Unit 60 beginning at Bowman trailhead; west on trail 1651 to trail 1675; west on trail 1675 to trail 1673; southeast on trail 1673 to trail 1661; east on trail 1661 to trail 1662; north on trail 1662 to Lostine Rvr Rd; north on Lostine Rvr Rd to Bowman trailhead, point of beginning. [MAP]