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Welcome to 2021-22 Oregon Hunting

What's New

Changes or additions are highlighted in yellow throughout the document.

Due to an effort to improve Oregon’s big game hunting seasons, there are numerous changes for 2021.

  • All archery deer hunting in eastern Oregon is by controlled hunt. See Buck Deer Seasons for the controlled archery deer hunts.
  • Eastern Oregon controlled archery deer tags are not valid in the western Oregon general archery season. Eastern Oregon controlled archery deer tags are valid only in the unit(s) identified for each hunt.
  • New tag for western Oregon general archery deer hunting. See Buck Deer Seasons for the General Archery Season Western Oregon deer tag dates and areas.
  • West Cascade Elk general season has been moved to the second week of November. See Elk Seasons for the season dates and areas.
  • One continuous season for General Any Legal Weapon Western Oregon buck deer tag in the coast and cascade units. See Buck Deer Seasons for the season date and areas.
  • Bag limit for the Desolation Unit during the general archery elk season is now one bull elk.
  • New California bighorn sheep ewe hunts in each of the John Day River and Deschutes River hunt areas.
  • Keep your eye out for all the highlighted areas to find other new hunts, hunt name changes, and a few hunt number changes; Did you find the NEW Santiam Unit Late Traditional Bow controlled hunt?