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Welcome to 2022-24 Oregon Hunting

2022 Oregon Hunting Cover
2023 Oregon Hunting Regulations Cover

What's New for 2022

Changes or additions are highlighted in yellow throughout the document.

  • Archery elk hunting in 13 units and 3 subunits in eastern Oregon has changed from general season to controlled archery elk hunting only (see Elk Seasons).
  • Eastern Oregon and the Powers Unit controlled archery elk tags are not valid in general season areas. These tags are valid only in the unit(s) identified for each hunt (see Elk Seasons).
  • The Umatilla National Forest Cooperative Travel Management Area is in effect for parts of the Fossil, Heppner, Ukiah, Desolation, Mt. Emily, Walla Walla, and Wenaha units.
  • Muzzleloaders do not require an open ignition.
  • Keep your eye out for all the highlighted areas to find other new hunts, hunt name changes, and a few hunt number changes; Did you find the NEW Mt. Emily – Walla Walla Youth controlled bear hunt?

What’s new for 2023

Changes or additions are highlighted in yellow throughout the document.

  • There is a new multi-unit, controlled youth archery elk hunt.
  • Pronghorn hunts in the Beatys Butte Unit have changed.
  • Vehicles transporting wildlife or wildlife parts must now stop at signed inspection stations, if encountered.
  • Powers Unit has been added to the General Archery Buck Deer-Western Oregon season for traditional bow hunting only.
  • Multiple Travel Management Area (TMA) effective period dates have changed in central and northeast Oregon units.
  • Controlled hunt draw results (except Spring Bear) will be released on June 12.
  • Keep your eye out for all of the highlighted changes not listed above.