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Big Game Raffle Hunts

One lucky winner and two alternates will be selected for each hunt on May 28, 2024 with a drawing held at the ODFW Salem Headquarters with a live-streamed viewing option.

Raffle Hunts Available

(selected in the order listed below)

  1. Governor’s Statewide Deer & Elk Combination
  2. Statewide Deer
  3. Southeast Oregon Deer
  4. Central Oregon Deer
  5. Northeast Oregon Deer
  6. Statewide Elk
  7. Northeast Oregon Elk
  8. Central/Southeast Elk
  9. Western Oregon Elk
  10. Rocky Mtn Goat
  11. Pronghorn Antelope
  12. Bighorn Sheep

Raffle Rules:

  • Residents and nonresidents may purchase raffle entries.
  • There is no limit on the number of entries that may be purchased by any one individual.
  • Entries cannot be transferred. To purchase entries for another person, entries must be purchased under that person’s ODFW account.
  • All raffle entry sales are nonrefundable.
  • No mail or fax orders will be accepted.
  • One winner and two alternates will be selected for each raffle hunt.
  • Each entry will receive a unique entry number.
  • Individuals who purchase a deer or elk auction tag are not eligible to win a deer or elk raffle tag (and vice versa).
  • An individual may only win one auction or raffle tag within a species.
  • If entered in more than one auction or raffle for the same species, the first awarded tag will be the only tag granted.
  • Each raffle hunt tag will be issued to the name on the winning entry and cannot be transferred.
  • All raffle hunt tags are in addition to controlled and general season tags.
  • A summary of raffle entry sales by hunt choice can be found by logging into your ODFW account.

How to Purchase Raffle Entries:

  • Raffle entries can be purchased December 1, 2023 through 10:00 am May 28, 2024 online at or at any license agent.
  • Each entry will be assigned the ODFW ID#, name, address, and telephone number provided during the purchase.
  • The customers receipt will list the Raffle Hunt(s), number of entries, and total cost of the purchase. The random entry numbers will be available online as part of the customer’s ODFW account.
  • All entries within a package for deer and elk hunts must have the same hunt selection. To make multiple hunt choices for deer or elk requires purchasing multiple packages and choosing the hunt for each package.

The Raffle Drawing:

  • Selection of winners and alternates will begin at 2:00 pm and will progress in the hunt order listed above.
  • The winning entrant for each hunt will be selected, followed by the first and second alternates.
  • The winner and both alternates for a hunt will be selected prior to drawing the next hunt.
  • All entries for a hunt will be sorted electronically by entry numbers.
  • The winning entry number will be generated one digit at a time by drawing a number from a random mixing machine.
  • First alternates will be electronically selected by locating the raffle entry number closest to and below the winning raffle entry number.
  • Second alternates will be electronically selected by locating the raffle entry number closest to and below the first alternate raffle entry number.