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Message from WDFW

One of our core roles as managers of Washington’s fisheries is to ensure those fisheries we enjoy across Washington’s rivers, lakes, and marine waters are still around for years to come—for our children and our children’s children.

We share the angling community’s commitment to preserve these opportunities – made increasingly challenging by habitat loss, invasive species, warming waters, and climate change.

We continue to draw inspiration from the statewide community of anglers committed to preserving fishing opportunities and applaud the Governor and state legislators for championing funding this spring that supports fisheries management and monitoring, including a suite of investments in salmon recovery. Appropriations made this year will also expand and improve outdoor experiences on WDFW-managed lands.

These efforts align with the Department’s recently adopted 25-year Strategic Plan: A Path to an Improved Era for Fish, Wildlife, and People. It envisions a future with sustainable fish and wildlife populations, resilient habitats, Washington residents with a deep appreciation of the intrinsic value of nature and the benefits of a diverse ecosystem, and a Department that reflects and connects with the diverse public we serve, among other things.

Part of this future hangs on inspiring long-time anglers, returning fishers, and the next generation of sports persons to get out on the water and act as stewards of the state’s resources for years to come. It only takes one fishing trip to make someone an angler for life. We continue to engage the anglers of tomorrow through our annual free fishing weekend, youth fishing events, fishing derbies, and a whole suite of opportunities throughout the year – often with the assistance of community and nonprofit organization partners. As you are reading this pamphlet and planning your next fishing excursion, please consider inviting someone along with you to share in the joy and heritage of fishing in Washington.

Thank you for your commitment to keeping this time-honored activity alive. We hope you have a great year, and we’ll see you out on the water!