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Wild Hog Regulations

Wild hogs are invasive exotic animals that cause extensive damage to crops and wildlife habitat, contribute to erosion and water pollution, and carry diseases harmful to livestock and humans.

In Tennessee, they are classified as a species deemed destructive and it is illegal to possess, transport, or release live wild hogs.

Private Land Control

Landowners have these options on their private properties:

  • Shoot wild hogs without limit, year-round, during the day, with any weapon and ammunition legal for taking big and small game.
  • Trap with bait outside of big game seasons.
  • Obtain a landowner wild hog exemption from their TWRA regional office. It allows extra methods of take like using a spotlight at night and allows family members and tenants that qualify under the Farmland Owner License Exemption (License Exemptions) and up to ten additional designees to help with control efforts. For properties over 1,000 acres, an additional designee per 100 acres may be assigned. Landowners are required to report take at the end of each year for annual exemption renewal.
  • Acquire technical assistance by contacting USDA Wildlife Services at 615-736-5506 or a regional TWRA office.

Bear hunters - Individuals licensed to hunt bears may take wild hogs during scheduled bear hunts where dogs are allowed.

Public Land Control

Wild hogs can only be taken on designated public areas, summarized below. Refer to specific regulations for individual WMAs for more details.

Public Land Control


Control Method

Public Land

Region 1 - West TN

During deer season by licensed deer hunters

Meemen-Shelby State Park

Big Hill Pond State Park (portion south of the railroad tracks)

Region 3 - Cumberland Plateau

During any deer hunt by licensed deer hunters

Alpine Mountain WMA

Bridgestone-Firestone WMA

Skinner Mountain WMA

South Cherokee WMA

Standing Stone State Forest

Tellico Lake WMA

Two 5-day control seasons, use of dogs permitted

Catoosa WMA

Region 3 and 4

With a special permit during deer season and Jan.–Feb. small game season

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Region 4 - East TN

During any big game hunt by licensed big game hunters

North Cherokee WMA

During any deer or turkey hunt by licensed big game hunters

Kyker Bottoms WMA

During any big or small game hunt by licensed hunters

Foothills WMA

North Cumberland WMA

Wanted poster for information leading to the conviction of persons dealing in the sale, illegal transportation, and/or stocking of wild hogs.