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Bear Seasons & Bag Limits




Bag Limit


Laurel Fork

Only Sept. 18 - 20, 2021

Archery, Muzzleloader, Gun Dogs Allowed

20 Bears

20 Bears

1 Bear, Either Sex. **Does not count towards statewide bag limit.

Special Regulations for Restricted Bear Hunt:

  1. If the cumulative harvest at the end of a day meets or exceeds 75% (at least 15) of the quota (20) the hunt will conclude at the end of legal hunting hours on that day.
    • Kettlefoot: Intersection of Hwy 421 and Hwy 133, Shady Valley, TN (look for signs)
    • Laurel Fork: Hampton Bait Shop. 126 First Avenue, Hampton, TN
  2. Hunters should call a (423) 522-2467 or check the Agency web site to verify the hunt is open the following day. A message will be posted by 9:00 pm local time each day.

Attention Bear Hunters

Help with bear population monitoring by submitting a pre-molar tooth and body measurements from your harvested bear.

Why should I submit this information?

Now that hunters can check harvested bears electronically, it will be difficult for Agency personnel to physically collect enough age and weight data for monitoring population and harvest trends.

How do I collect a tooth?

The upper premolar is the tooth behind the canine (see photo). Using a knife or screwdriver, push the gum line toward the top of the head exposing more of the tooth. Loosen the tooth with the knife or screwdriver using the canine for leverage. This is an important step, because trying to immediately pull with pliers usually results in a broken tooth. Once loose, use pliers to finish the job. Note: The entire tooth, roots included, is needed. View an instructional video on how to correctly remove and submit a bear tooth at https://youtube/gbq3P2AIY6I

How do I take the body measurements?

See drawing below.

Chest Girth: Measure immediately behind the front legs, snug against the body. Measurement should include the entire circumference of the chest.

Total Length: Measure from the tip of the nose, down the spine, to the tip of the tail.

PRO TIP: Use a rope to obtain the length and girth and then measure the rope using a tape measure on a flat surface.

NOTE: All hunters that submit a tooth will receive an Agency Bear Cooperators hat this spring. Be sure to provide an accurate and legible address on the data sheet.