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Elk Regulations

2023 Elk Hunting Dates: Sept. 30–Oct. 20

(Permits were drawn Feb. 2023)

During Oct. 7–20, Archery deer hunters must wear blaze orange.

Incidental Take of Elk

A legal deer hunter may harvest an elk (either sex) incidental to deer hunting on all private and public lands open to deer hunting except for public and private lands located in Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, Scott, and Morgan counties and except for Big South Fork River and Recreation Area, Scott State Forest, and Obed National Scenic River Corridor. Only one elk per year may be harvested incidental to legal deer hunting. Elk harvested via incidental take must be reported to the TWRA on the day of harvest by calling 1-800-831-1174 to allow physical checking by TWRA personnel.

Special Regulations

  1. All elk harvested by elk quota permit holders must be checked in at the North Cumberland WMA office on the day of harvest.
  2. The location must be adequately marked so that TWRA employees can identify the harvest site, which can be accomplished by either providing GPS coordinates or accompanying a TWRA employee to the harvest site.
  3. Use or possession of electronic radio-tracking equipment is prohibited.
  4. Bugling or calling of elk is prohibited within the Elk Hunting Zones during all elk hunts except by permitted hunters and their assistants.

Elk Quota Hunts - 2024

Elk harvest is regulated by a quota permit system. The application period for the elk quota hunts is Feb 7–28, 2024. Applications available at TWRA license agents and online. Nineteen (19) quota permits will be issued in 2024. Each permit holder will be allocated an Elk Hunt Zone.

One of 19 quota permits will be issued to a qualifying non-profit wildlife conservation organization with all proceeds benefiting the TWRA's Habitat Management Program. The permit will be available through an online raffle. To purchase tickets for the raffle, visit the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation website at

Another one of the 19 quota permits will be issued to a resident Young Sportsman, who is able to hunt all open EHZs. A Young Sportsman quota permit holder may hunt any EHZ designated open by the TWRA and private lands in designated open counties.

Elk permits are valid for designated EHZs on North Cumberland WMA and on private lands in Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, Morgan and Scott counties. All public land other than North Cumberland WMA is closed to elk hunting. It is the responsibility of elk permit holders to obtain verbal or written permission to hunt on private property. TWRA does not guarantee hunter access on private lands. Landowners are not exempted from this permit requirement and must be drawn for a quota permit to hunt. For legal hunting methods, see Manner & Means.