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Small Game Hunting

Welcome to 2020-21 Nevada Small Game Hunting

What's New for 2020

Greater Sage-grouse

  • Hunt Unit 184 of Churchill and Lander Counties has been closed to sage-grouse hunting due to declining populations;
  • Hunt Unit 144 in Eureka County was reduced from a 9-day season to a 2-day season due to declining populations;
  • Hunt Unit 081 in Elko County is closed to hunting due to habitat loss from wildfires; and
  • Hunt Unit 155 in Eureka and Lander Counties was reduced from a 16-day season to a 9-day season due to declining populations.


  • Snowcock free-use permits will be available beginning July 1st of each year through

Junior Wild Turkey 2021 Spring Hunt

  • A junior wild turkey tag will be available for Hunt Units 102 and 065 of Elko County.

Limited Entry Wild Turkey 2021 Spring Hunt

  • A Nonresident tag will be available for the Lincoln County spring turkey hunt;
  • There will be one season fix for the Pershing County Spring Turkey Hunt extending from the last Saturday in March through the first Sunday in May with 10 resident tags and one nonresident tag;
  • Tag quotas were reduced for the two seasons in Hunt Unit 115 of White Pine County from 15 to 8 each season due to a population decline.

Waterfowl and Migratory Bird Seasons

  • Mid-season closure different for each waterfowl zone
    • Northeast Zone closed October 21 – October 29.
    • Northwest Zone closed January 4 – January 12.
    • South Zone closed October 26 – October 27.
  • Scaup limit reduced to 2 daily and 6 in possession.
  • Legal weapon for Ravens includes archery, shotguns and falconry.

Furbearer Seasons

  • Bobcat and gray fox seasons have been shortened and are now set at November 14 - February 21