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Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting

Welcome to 2022-23 Nevada Big Game Hunting Seasons & Applications

Nevada Big Game Hunting Seasons & Applications Cover

Top-5 Recent Regulation Changes

Trail Camera NAC 503.1485

Trail cameras can be a great way to view game; however, there are laws in place determining their usage. With certain exemptions, it is illegal to place, maintain, or use a trail camera on public land from August 1 - December 31 of each year. It is illegal to use a trail camera July 1 - December 31 of each year if the camera is capable of transmitting images, video, or location of wildlife.

Shed Antlers NAC 503.172

Hunting for shed antlers has become popular in Nevada. A person shall not take or gather shed antlers from or on any public land located in Elko, Eureka, Lander, Lincoln, Nye, or White Pine Counties at any time from January 1 - April 30. A shed antler collection certificate is required for collecting May 1 - June 30. NDOW offers a shed-hunting course, which can be accessed at

Thermal Imaging/Optics
NAC 503.145

With increased optic technology comes an increased need to keep the playing field level. A person shall not possess or use electronic night-vision equipment, electronically enhanced light-gathering devices, thermal imaging devices, infrared night-vision equipment, or any other comparable equipment or device used to enhance night-vision while hunting or taking any game mammal or game bird or while locating game mammals or game birds for the purpose of hunting. This does not limit the use of a sight attached to a firearm, bow or crossbow that is powered by a battery contained within the sight, is illuminated by light gathering fiber optics, or uses a radioactive isotope such as a tritium.

Drone/Unmanned Aircraft
NAC 503.148

Drones have many uses, but hunting isn’t one of them. A person shall not, for the purpose of hunting, locate or observe, or assist a person in locating or observing, any big game mammal, game bird or fur-bearing mammal in a management unit described in NAC 504.210 during the period beginning on July 1 and ending on the last day of February of each calendar year with the use of an aircraft.

Electronic License NRS 502.120

Hunters are required to possess a license in the field and have the ability to show it. This includes electronic versions.