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Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting

Commonly Asked Call Center Questions

Where would I find hunt statistics?

Nevada has a great hunt statistic and planning tool named HuntNV. It is a great way to see draw, bonus point and harvest statistics in each unit for all of Nevada’s big game species and includes an interactive map. Find it at or through

Where can I buy maps of Nevada?

Great resources to find maps of Nevada include the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Nevada Department of Transportation, and the Nevada Gazetteer.

How Do I Update My Payment Method And Mark It As Default?

A customer can update their payment method by logging into their customer account and selecting “Payment Methods” from the left-hand menu. Here you can add a new card and delete any that have expired. Use the drop-down arrow next to the card for an option to set it as your default payment method.

I Have An Email Saying I Was Successful, Why Haven’t I Received My Tag?

Big game tags are fulfilled from the main draw in the month of June. If a customer has not received their big game tag by July 1, contact the Department at 1-855-542-6369. Failed payment for the tag will result in a customer not receiving the tag, losing their bonus points, and having an assigned waiting period. Check for emails related to failed payments and contact the Department for assistance in updating a default payment method in a customer account.

How to reset my account password? How to reset my password without an email?

Customers can reset their passwords by selecting the “Log in” button and “Forgot password” link. An email will be sent with a link to reset the password, or you can choose to “reset my password without an email” and answer the customer identifier questions associated with your account.

Where can I find bonus point data?

NDOW biologists create bonus point tables that include a breakdown of successful and total applicants by bonus point level and choice. To find this data, visit our website at and search “bonus point data” in the search bar.

If I move out of state, do my bonus points change?

Bonus points are residency agnostic, meaning that if your residency changes, your bonus points go with you. Note that some hunts are only offered to a resident. If a person cannot apply for a hunt due to closures or residency change, previously acquired points will remain static until the applicant is able to again apply for the hunt connected to the bonus points.

Why do I need to provide my SSN to create an account?

Laws regarding child support mandate that any person who is required by federal law to have a social security number must provide the number to obtain a business, occupational or recreational license. Federal Law – Public Law 104-193; NRS 502.063, 503.5833, 504.390.

How do I complete my return card harvest survey?

Return cards are done fully electronically and can be found in your customer account. Log into your account and select the “Return Cards/Surveys” section on the left-hand side. Select what year and survey to take. Once completed, the survey will show as reported. You can also view answers to past surveys that have been previously submitted.

How do I link my account to another?

Customers can link accounts to one another by visiting the “Link Customer Accounts” section in an account. The customer account that links other accounts to it is called the primary account. Linked accounts can only be controlled through the primary customer’s account. If you wish to be unlinked from another individual, you must contact the primary account holder and request that they unlink you.

Why did I not receive a bonus point?

An active hunting or combination license is required in order to obtain a bonus point. Only one bonus point per species and class can be obtained in the year the license is active. Customers will be prompted to purchase a license when submitting their application or to purchase only if successful. Choosing to purchase only if successful will not earn a customer a bonus point.

I turned in my tag, why did I not receive my bonus points back?

If a tag is returned to the Department by a member of a party hunting application, party hunt members will not receive their BPs back unless all members of the party return their tag before the season opens. A party hunt member may receive their bonus points back if the return was due to a medical, death, or military reason.

Tags for successful applicants will be printed after the conclusion of the one-week electronic return period that follows the conclusion of the draw. Printing all big game tags takes approximately 1-2 weeks. Applicants can expect their tags to be placed in the mail within 3 weeks following the conclusion of the draw and receive their tags by July 1st. Applicants are advised to ensure the address provided for tag shipping at the time the application is submitted is accurate and current.