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Welcome to 2024 Nevada Fishing

2024 Nevada Fishing Regulations Cover

What’s New in 2024? A Lot!

This year, the Fisheries Division underwent a thorough review of statewide regulations with the intent of simplifying regulations throughout the State by eliminating ineffective regulations, reducing the number of special regulation waters, and providing more consistent, simplified angling regulations.

As a result, numerous regulation changes that were proposed by the Fisheries Division and accepted by the Board of Wildlife Commission will come into effect on January 1, 2024. A summary of most changes is listed below. All changes in the General and Regional regulation sections are marked in blue.

Statewide Changes

Possession limits will be implemented for all waters statewide including general regulation waters and special regulation waters. The possession limit will be 2 times the daily limit of the water being fished.

More simplified regional general fishing regulations. Each Region (Eastern, Southern, Western) will have one general regulation for all counties within their respective Regions.

Eastern Region Changes

Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge (Elko/White Pine Counties): The daily limit on trout increased from 3 trout to 5 trout.

Willow Creek Reservoir and Wilson Sink Reservoir (Elko County): The size limit for bass has been removed and both reservoirs now fall under Eastern Region General Regulations.

Several daily limit changes were made as part of the effort to simplify general regulations and reduce the number of special regulation waters.

Southern Region Changes

Eliminate the seasonal closure on black bass at Eagle Valley Reservoir (Lincoln County).

Allow for unlimited possession of bullheads at Nesbitt Lake (Lincoln County) and all waters on the Kirch WMA, including Tule and Dacey reservoirs (Nye County).

Western Region Changes

Seasonal closures have been eliminated on Big Springs Reservoir, Onion Valley Reservoir, Blue Lakes (Humboldt County) and Catnip Reservoir (Washoe County) making them all open year around.

Knott Creek Reservoir (Humboldt County): Eliminate the seasonal closure and size restriction for trout on Knott Creek Reservoir (Humboldt County).

Two new urban ponds have been added. Mountain View Park Pond (Douglas County) and Battle Born Pond (Washoe County) have limits consistent with all other urban ponds (3 game fish daily).

Hobart Reservoir (Washoe County): The season has been extended until October 31, the size restriction has been removed and the daily limit on the number of tiger trout has been reduced to 2.

Twelvemile Creek (Washoe County): The daily limit of trout was reduced to 2 in order to be consistent with Oregon fishing regulations.

Free Fishing Day: June 8, 2024

Nevada’s desert landscapes may not seem conducive to fishing for those new to our state. However, the Silver State boasts a surprising diversity of fish species across a multitude of waters offering quality fishing opportunities that make it a hidden gem for anglers. Following 2023’s near record setting precipitation, 2024’s fishing prospects are looking amazing.

Nevada’s nearly 800 fishable waters offer an impressive variety of fish species, providing a unique experience for anglers of all skill levels. From cold water species such as Lahontan Cutthroat Trout to our warm water species such Largemouth Bass, you can find a wide range of species that call the state’s waters home. Whether you prefer fishing from the shore, boat, through the ice or by wading, Nevada offers abundant opportunities to practice your angling skills. If you are looking for new waters, please reference our fishable water maps here:

Nevada’s simplified 365-day fishing license also makes it easy as you will have everything you need to fish for one year from date of purchase with no additional stamps or permits being necessary. Additionally, NDOW has worked with local conservation organizations and individuals to offer free youth licenses to anyone under the age of 18. We hope that these free youth licenses will remove the monetary obstacle of parents taking the family fishing. However, if further motivation is needed, June 8th, 2024 is Nevada’s free fishing day where everyone can fish for free for the day. On this day, there are often locally held free fishing events where gear and instruction are provided to assist those new to fishing or those that just need a refresher. For more information on Free Fishing Day or to participate in the free youth license please visit:

The opportunities offered by our near record setting precipitation are what anglers dream of with increased numbers and densities of fish as well as larger and healthier fish. These sustained water flows will promote increased fish growth rates that can approach 1 inch in length per month making it an exciting year for anglers. So, gear up, wet your lines, and prepare for the bite of an unforgettable fishing year in the Silver State.