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Small Game Hunting

Small Game Hunting

Welcome to 2022-23 Nevada Small Game Hunting Regulations & Seasons

2022 Nevada Small Game Hunting Regulations Cover

What's New for 2022

Swan Permit returns to a draw system.

  • Applicants may apply for a single swan permit at beginning August 22, 2022.
  • Applications must be received by 11 p.m. Sept. 9, 2022.
  • Draw results will be released on or before Sept. 16, 2022
  • Beginning Friday, Sept. 23, 2022, any remaining swan hunt permits will be available at on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • During the first come, first serve period, individuals may purchase a second swan permit as long as permits remain available or until the swan hunt closes.

Canada Goose

  • Canada goose and Brant daily bag and possession limits have increased to 5 daily and 15 in possession.

Mallard Hen/ Mexican Duck

  • Possession limits for hen Mallard now also includes restrictions for Mexican duck.
  • Mallard hen or Mexican duck daily bag and possession limits are 2 daily and 6 in possession.

Bobcat Pelt Sealing

  • From the opening day of the bobcat season (November 12) until the first regularly scheduled bobcat sealing date (January 17), any person who wishes to have a single bobcat (1 per person per season) sealed for the purpose of tanning or taxidermy may personally present the lawfully taken pelt to any Nevada Department of Wildlife Regional office (Elko, Las Vegas, Reno) and request to have the Departments seal affixed to the pelt. All requirements of NAC 502.347 apply.

Upland Game Youth Seasons

  • Youth seasons will extend for their normal 9-day period (e.g., October 1 – October 9th, 2022); however, we have elected to recommend a reduction in the Gambel’s quail limit from a daily limit of 10 and possession limit of 30, down to 5 and 15 respectively. These limits are also reflected in the normal general season as well.
  • Youth rabbit seasons will remain the same; however, the daily bag limit and possession limit are recommended for reduction from 10 and 30 to 5 and 15 respectively. This is due to the downward trend and low density of all species of rabbits.
  • Pygmy rabbit seasons are closed.


  • In Elko County, hunt units 062, 064, 067, 071, 072, 073, and 074 are open with a daily limit of 2 birds and a possession limit of 2 birds.
  • In Nye, Eureka and Lander County, only hunt units 161 and 162 are open with a daily and possession limit of 2 birds.
  • The Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge Special Sage-grouse Season is Closed.
  • In Washoe County, only hunt units 012 and 013 are open with a daily limit of 2 birds and a possession limit of 2 birds.
  • In Humboldt County, only hunt units 031 and 051 are open with a daily limit of 2 birds and a possession limit of two birds.

Gambel’s Quail

  • The daily limit for Gambel’s quail has been reduced to 5 quail and possession limit to 15 birds for this species due to extensive drought conditions in the Mojave Desert ecoregion and low population numbers.

White-tailed Jackrabbits and Cottontail Rabbits

  • The daily and possession limits for rabbis has been reduced from 10 rabbits per day and 30 in possession to 5 and 15 respectively due to declining trend in rabbit numbers and low densities observed during survey routes.
  • Pygmy rabbit season have been closed due to amount of habitat loss over the past two decades due to wildfire, declining trends during recent surveys and the confirmed presence of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Type 2.

Junior Wild Turkey

  • A new junior hunt opportunity for hunt unit 154 in Lander County will be available during the spring of 2023.

Wild Turkey Spring Limited Entry Hunt

  • The Lyon County Private Lands Spring Turkey hunt has been closed due to low population size.