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Small Game Hunting

Small Game Hunting

General Hunting Laws & Regulations

Laws and Regulations

Radio Telemetry and Satellite Transmitter

  1. It is unlawful to hunt any wildlife using a radio signal or other transmission received from any transmitting device that is attached to the wildlife.
  2. If you kill any wildlife with a transmitting device, notify the Department of Wildlife without undue delay. Devices must be returned to the Department.
  3. Do not intentionally break, destroy or damage any transmitting device. Transmitting device means any collar or other device which:
    1. Is attached to any wildlife; and
    2. Emits an electronic signal or uses radio telemetry or a satellite transmission to determine the location of the wildlife.

(Refer to NAC 503.1475)

Carrying Loaded Rifle or Shotgun in/on Vehicle

  1. A rifle or shotgun is loaded when there is an unexpended cartridge or shell in the firing chamber.
  2. A rifle or shotgun cannot be loaded in or on any vehicle (including ATV’s and motorcycles) which is standing on or along, or is being driven on or along any public highway or any other way open to the public.
  3. Exception: a paraplegic, amputation of leg(s), or paralysis of one or both legs which severely impedes walking may shoot from a stopped motor vehicle that is not on the traveled portion of a public highway. However s/he may not shoot from, over or across a highway or road specified in NRS 503.175.

(Refer to NRS 503.165)

Transportation Permits and Use of Tags as Transportation Permits

A person in legal possession of a game tag may use the tag as a transportation permit once the tag has been validated and attached to the carcass of the harvested animal.

A person may transport the harvested animal or portions of the animal for the legal tag holder if the transportation permit included on the tag is complete with the transporter’s information. (Refer to NAC 502.401)

Transportation permits are required when transporting harvested animals or portions of animals taken by trapping or whenever a person will be transporting more than one legal limit of animals taken by trapping. Permits may be obtained from the Department or Game Wardens free of charge. (Refer to NRS 503.040)

Unlawful to Waste Game

  1. It is unlawful to cause through carelessness, neglect or otherwise any edible portion of any game bird, game mammal, game fish or game amphibian to go to waste.
  2. You cannot just take head, antlers, horns or tusks and leave carcass to waste.
  3. You can leave the carcass of a carnivore.

(Refer to NRS 503.050)

Reasonable Effort Required to Take Wildlife

Each person who shoots and wounds any wildlife while hunting shall make a reasonable effort to take that wildlife, including, without limitation, pursuing and tracking it. Refer to NAC 503.191 for more information.

Hunting on Posted Lands Without Permission

  1. It is unlawful for any person to hunt, fish in nonnavigable waters or trap upon private property which is cultivated, or private property where the person has been warned by the owner or occupant of the property not to trespass in the manner prescribed in NRS 207.200, or where signs are displayed forbidding hunting, trapping or fishing without permission obtained from the owner or occupant of the private property.
  2. Any person using that private property for hunting, fishing or trapping shall comply with the provisions of NRS 207.220.

(Refer to NRS 503.240)

Camping Near Water Hole

It is unlawful for any person to camp within 100 yards of a water hole in such a manner that wildlife or domestic stock will be denied access to such water hole.

(Refer to NRS 503.660).

Sale of Nonedible Parts

The sale of the hide, head, antlers or horns or other nonedible parts of game animals which were legally killed is permitted.

Note: The sale of bear gall bladders is unlawful.

(Refer to NAC 503.174)

Scouting from Aircraft

  1. A person shall not, for the purpose of hunting or trapping, locate or observe, or assist a person in locating or observing, any big game mammal, game bird or fur-bearing mammal in a management unit described in NAC 504.210 during the period beginning on July 1 and ending on the last day of February of each calendar year with the use of:
    1. An aircraft, including, without limitation, any device that is used for navigation of, or flight in, the air.
    2. A hot air balloon or any other device that is lighter than air;
    3. An unmanned aerial vehicle; or
    4. A satellite or any other device that orbits the earth and is equipped to produce real-time images.
  2. Evidence of an act constituting a violation of subsection 1 includes, without limitation:
    1. Flying slowly at low altitudes;
    2. Hovering;
    3. Circling; or
    4. Repeatedly flying over a forest, marsh, field, woodland or rangeland where a big game mammal, game bird or fur-bearing mammal is likely to be found.

(Refer to NAC 503.148)

Hunting with a Dog

It is unlawful to hunt, chase or pursue:

  1. Any black bear or mountain lion with a dog except during the open season, in an open management area and under the authority of a hunting license and:
    1. A black bear tag, if the person is hunting, chasing or pursuing a black bear; or
    2. A mountain lion tag, if the person is hunting, chasing or pursuing a mountain lion.
  2. Any fur-bearing mammal with a dog except during the open season and under the authority of a trapping license.
  3. Any wild turkey with a dog from March 1 - June 30.

(Refer to NAC 503.147)

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