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Small Game Hunting

Small Game Hunting

Director’s Message

Alan Jenne, Director, Nevada Department of Wildlife

Welcome to the Nevada Upland Game hunting regulations.

The annual ramp up to bird season is a tangible thing in my household and can be felt in the raising energy levels of my wirehairs. As anyone with bird dogs can understand, they seem to know that cooler fall temperatures mean bird season is coming. On an average year my personal anticipation also tends to run high but given this extraordinarily wet winter I am almost giddy with the promise of an above average bird year.

The benefits of this exceptional wet year cannot be overstated. The moisture and resulting range conditions across Nevada have created a scenario where brood success and resulting bird production should provide good numbers of birds and abundance of hunting opportunities.

Nevada, with its 86 percent public lands and diverse upland species, offers an unparalleled hunting experience. From the majestic mountains across the sweeping valleys and into the craggy canyons, this great state presents a variety of areas for all to explore. As you travel across Nevada’s wildlands, you will encounter a multitude of upland game species, each with its unique allure and challenge. Nevada provides opportunities to pursue Himalayan Snowcock across the peaks of the Ruby Mountains or chukar through the canyons or quail in the valley bottoms.

Remember this hunting season is another opportunity to introduce the next generation to bird hunting through our exclusive youth hunting seasons. The upland and waterfowl youth seasons provide an opportunity to focus on our young hunters, allowing them to experience the joys and challenge of the hunt. These hunts help kids learn the skills, values, and respect for nature that hunting instills.

As you read though this year’s Small Game Hunting Regulations & Seasons, remember that these regulations help to ensure that future generations can enjoy the same awe-inspiring experiences we have the privilege to enjoy today. Responsible hunting not only contributes to the conservation of these magnificent species but also supports the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

So, ready your shotguns, prepare your pointing dogs, and embrace the excitement that awaits you amidst Nevada’s breathtaking landscapes. From the spirited laughter of youth hunts to the pulse-quickening moments with our trusted canine companions, this extraordinary wet year has set the stage for a bird hunting experience that will stay with you long after the final shot has been fired.

Happy hunting!


Alan Jenne
Director, Nevada Department of Wildlife

Director Alan Jenne's hunting dog Boone