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Small Game Hunting

Small Game Hunting

Demerits & Penalties

Demerits and License Revocations

Hunting, fishing and trapping license privileges are revoked when a person accumulates 12 demerit points within a 60-month period. When a person is convicted of a wildlife violation, a certain number of demerits are assessed for that crime. The more serious the crime, the greater the number of demerits that are assessed.

Demerit-based revocations may last up to three years. Under some circumstances a person’s tag privileges may be revoked for up to 10 years.

(Refer to NRS 501.105, 501.181, 501.1818, NAC 501.200 and NAC 501.210)

Unlawful Acts; Criminal Penalties

Except as otherwise provided by specific statute:

  1. Any person who:
    1. Performs an act or attempts to perform an act made unlawful or prohibited by a provision of this title;
    2. Willfully fails to perform an act required of him by a provision of this title;
    3. Obstructs, hinders, delays or otherwise interferes with any officer, employee or agent of the Department in the performance of any duty while enforcing or attempting to enforce any provision of this title;
    4. Violates any order issued or regulation adopted by the Commission under the provisions of this title; or
    5. Having been granted a privilege or been licensed or permitted to do any act under the provisions of this title, exercises the grant, license or permit in a manner other than as specified, is guilty of a misdemeanor. An officer, employee or agent of the Department may not obtain or attempt to obtain biological samples of wildlife, hunting, fishing or trapping data, or any other biological data or information relating to wildlife on private property without the consent of the owner of the property.
  2. Every person who is guilty of a misdemeanor under this title shall be punished by a fine of not less than $50 nor more than $500, or by imprisonment in county jail for not more than 6 months, or by both fine and imprisonment.

(Refer to NRS 501.385)


Any gun, ammunition, trap, snare, vessel, vehicle, aircraft or other device or equipment used, or intended for use:

  1. To facilitate the unlawful and intentional killing or possession of any big game mammal; or
  2. To hunt or kill a big game mammal by using information obtained as a result of the commission of an act prohibited by NRS 503.010 or a regulation of the Commission which prohibits the location of big game mammals for the purpose of hunting or killing by the use of:
    1. An aircraft, including, without limitation, any device that is used for navigation of, or flight in, the air;
    2. A hot air balloon or any other device that is lighter than air; or
    3. A satellite or any other device that orbits the earth and is equipped to produce images, or other similar devices; or
  3. Knowingly transport, sell, receive, acquire or purchase any big game mammal which is unlawfully killed or possessed, is subject to forfeiture pursuant to NRS179.1156 to 179.119 inclusive.

(Refer to NRS 501.3857)