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Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting

Eligibility Information

Species Eligibility:

Applicants may only obtain one tag per species in a year. This means that eligible persons may apply for all categories of a species but only obtain one (1) tag of that species during the current year’s season. This includes Silver State and PIW specialty tag options.

Species Categories:

  • Junior, Antlered, and Antlerless Mule Deer
  • Antlered, Antlerless, Depredation, and Spike Elk
  • Antelope Horns Longer and Horns Shorter Than Ears
  • Ram and Ewe Bighorn Sheep, including all subspecies (California, Desert and Rocky Mountain)
  • Mountain Goat
  • Bear
  • Mountain Lion


Q: I am in a waiting period for Antlered Elk, can I apply for the Spike Elk hunt?

A: Yes. Antlered Elk and Spike Elk are considered two separate bonus point and hunt categories.

Q: If I apply for all available elk hunts, how many elk tags can I obtain during the year’s season?

A: Only one (1) Elk tag per season regardless of what draw or tag program you receive the tag through.

Q: I’m in my waiting period for desert bighorn ram hunt, can I apply for a one-horn ram management hunt?

A: Yes, they are separate hunt categories.

Q: Can I purchase an Antelope Horns Shorter Than Ears tag through the First Come, First Served program if I drew an Antelope Horns Longer Than Ears tag in the main draw?

A: No. A person is only allowed one (1) tag of the same species during a single year’s season.

Q: Will I use my Antlered Elk bonus points if I purchase an Antlerless Elk tag through the First Come, First Served program?

A: No. Your points for Antlerless Elk will be used but not your points for Antlered Elk. Bonus points are also not necessary in order to purchase a tag through the First Come, First Served program but will revert to zero (0) upon purchase.