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Big Game Hunting

Big Game Seasons

(CR 21-03)

Limits and Hours

The limit is one animal per tag and the hunting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset for all big game hunts, unless otherwise specified.

Important: The quotas listed are from the 2020 big game seasons. Big game quotas will not be set until the May 2021 Commission meeting in order to accommodate the most current data on big game herds. New hunts, dates or units added to a hunt are marked in bold blue italics.

Note: Standard dates for opening and closing of seasons are set by calendar date and not based on a Saturday opening and Sunday closing.

Before You Apply

The Department maintains several informational resources on our website at to help with planning your hunt including: Hunter Information Sheets (facts on terrain, vegetation, land ownership, hunter access, map references, local services and recommended hunting areas), hunt application advisories, big game demand, hunter success rates, harvest point class and bighorn sheep age and scores.

Important Information for 2021

First-Come First-Served

New to this year is an enhanced First-Come-First-Served (FCFS) queue that will be accessible in our NDOW Licensing System. This queue offers NDOW customers the ability to purchase any tags remaining after the second draw or any returned tags without an eligible alternate. Just for the FCFS, the residency eligibility will not be restricted to tags within the queue. So, a non-resident can purchase a resident tag at the non-resident price and vice-versa. The only exception is for the junior mule deer/antlerless mule deer tags, which will only be available to eligible resident juniors.

Tag Transfer and Deference

  • You now have the choice to defer a tag or restore your bonus points if you experience an extenuating circumstance between the 14-day window of the tag return deadline and the start of the hunt. A tag holder can transfer their tag to another eligible person if the tag holder is diagnosed as terminally ill after drawing the tag. Both the tag holder and the transferee would be subject to all eligibility restrictions. An extenuating circumstance is defined in NAC502.422 and must be accompany documentation evidence and verified by the Department before approval.

Bonus Points

  • An 11-year-old junior who will turn 12 before the beginning of the last season on their application is eligible to apply for a bonus point.
  • Active members in the armed forces who are stationed outside of the US and lose their bonus points due to a lapse in applying may now be refunded their lost points after they return to the country.
  • Party hunt members are able to return their party tag to the Department but will not receive a refund in bonus points unless all members of that party also return their tags to the Department.

New Hunts

  • NDOW has added several new hunts for the upcoming season including 20 new Resident Muzzleloader Antelope Horns Longer than ears seasons, nine new Nonresident Muzzeloader Antelope Horns Longer than Ears seasons, and one new Resident Antelope Horns Shorter than Ears season in Unit 043-046.

Important 2021 Application Calendar Dates

2021 Application Calendar

Big Game Main Draw

Big Game Second Draw

Application Period Opens



Application Period Deadline



Bonus Point Application & Application Withdrawal Period Closes



Initial Draw Results Released



Big Game Main Draw Electronic Tag Return

Within seven (7) days of public release of draw results, the successful tag recipient can choose to electronically return his or her tag at