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Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting

Big Game Seasons

(CR 21-03)

Limits and Hours

The limit is one animal per tag and the hunting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset for all big game hunts, unless otherwise specified.

Important: The quotas listed are from the 2021 big game seasons. Big game quotas will not be set until the May 2022 Commission meeting in order to accommodate the most current data on big game herds. New hunts, dates or units added to a hunt are marked in bold blue italics.

Note: Standard dates for opening and closing of seasons are set by calendar date and not based on a Saturday opening and Sunday closing.

Before You Apply

The Department maintains several informational resources on our website at to help with planning your hunt including: Hunter Information Sheets (facts on terrain, vegetation, land ownership, hunter access, map references, local services and recommended hunting areas), hunt application advisories, big game demand, hunter success rates, harvest point class and bighorn sheep age and scores.

Important Information for 2022

First Come, First-Served:

The First Come, First Served (FCFS) program that was newly implemented in 2021 offered left over or returned tags with no eligible alternate for purchase to anyone who was eligible to hunt that tag. Suspicious Activity suspensions from the FCFS program will be applied to a customer’s account if it is determined that the account is attempting to create an unfair advantage or actively abuse the program. (CR 22-02)

Awarded or Successfully Drawn Tags:

A tag is awarded or successfully drawn at the time of the drawing of an applicant’s name, the purchase of an official tag, or the offer, grant, assignment, or any similar action of an official tag. Customers will have 7-days to complete the purchase of their big game tag following their success in the draw. If at the time the 7-days has ended and the applicant has not completed a successful purchase, the customer will be treated as a successful applicant in regards to applied waiting periods and loss of bonus points. The tag will be offered to the next available alternate, subsequent draw or in the FCFS program. (CGR 499 adopted by the Commission Nov. 2021)

Hunt News

  • New this year is a Nelson (desert) bighorn ram management “One-Horn” hunt in select unit groups. The shortest horn must be less than half the length of the longest horn. See Bighorn Sheep.
  • Depredation antlered elk hunts in Unit 115 must adhere to a five-point antler restriction. See Elk.
  • Resident Nelson (desert) bighorn sheep hunt in Unit 132 has been combined with Units 131 and 164.
  • The mountain goat hunt in Unit 102 will include Unit 121 because a mountain goat was observed in Unit 121 in 2021.
  • California bighorn sheep Ram will now be offered as a Silver State tag. See Specialty Tags.

Important 2022 Application Calendar Dates

2022 Application Calendar

Big Game Main Draw

Big Game Second Draw

Application Period Opens



Application Period Deadline



Initial Draw Results Released



Big Game Main Draw Electronic Tag Return

Within seven (7) days of public release of draw results, the successful tag recipient can choose to electronically return his or her tag at