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Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting

How does the Draw System Work?

All applications, regardless of species or class, are assigned a random number. Applications with bonus points are assigned additional random numbers by squaring the bonus point total and adding one for the current year (however only the lowest number within the bonus point application is used). Applications are drawn in sequential order starting with the lowest random number then evaluated within the following group order:

Group #1

Silver State

Group #2

Partners in Wildlife

Group #3

Junior Mule Deer Antlered

Group #4

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Ram, California Bighorn Sheep Ram, Nelson (Desert) Bighorn Sheep Ram, Elk Antlered, Antelope Horns Longer than Ears, Mule Deer Antlered, Mountain Goat, Bear, Moose Antlered

Group #5

Elk Depredation Antlered, Management Bighorn Sheep Ram

Group #6

Nelson (Desert) Bighorn Sheep Ewe, Elk Antlerless, Antelope Horns Shorter than Ears

Group #7

Spike Elk

Group #8

Elk Depredation Antlerless