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Tag Regulations

Unlawful Possession Of Wildlife Without An Attached Tag

It is unlawful to have possession of any species without a tag if that species requires one. Possession of a species without an attached tag or permit is considered prima facie evidence of poaching.

It is unlawful to obtain an additional animal or reuse a tag that was previously filled for the current season to obtain an additional animal.

(Refer to NRS 502.150)

Use Of Tag Or Permit

A game tag must be carried by the owner of the tag at all times. No other person is permitted to carry a tag.

(Refer to NAC 502.385)

When a person harvests an animal, they must validate the tag by clearly notching the spaces necessary to properly identify the date of the harvest and the animal’s physical characteristics, including sex and antler points.

(Refer to NAC 502.390)

The tag must be firmly attached to the carcass of the animal and must remain with main portion of the meat at or before the time he or she reaches their means of transportation or camp and until it has been processed.

(Refer to NAC 502.400)

The transportation stub will be utilized if the harvested animal or a portion of the animal will be traveling in the possession of someone other than the tag holder.

The taxidermy stub will be provided to a licensed taxidermist along with the pelt, hide, or head of the animal at the time of transfer.

(Refer to NAC 502.403)

Black Bear Tags

A hunter or guide must call the bear hotline at 1-800-800-1667 prior to the day’s hunting to determine if the season has closed.

Tag holders must report a successful harvest to the bear hotline at 1-800-800-1667 within 24 hours of the harvest.

It is unlawful to harvest a cub or a female bear that is accompanied by cubs.

(Refer to NAC 502.373)

Bighorn Sheep Tags

An applicant may obtain one tag in any of the three subspecies of bighorn sheep. An applicant may only obtain one tag of either male or female sex per subspecies in the same season (specialty tags exempt).

A bighorn sheep seminar is encouraged for all tag holders who are successful in obtaining a tag.

The skull and horns of the harvested ram must be presented to the Department for inspection within 5 days of the harvest.

(Refer to NAC 502.345)

Mountain Goat Tags

The skull, hide and edible portions of a harvested mountain goat must be presented to the Department for inspection within 5 days of harvesting.

(Refer to NAC 502.364)

Presentation of Wildlife, Calculation of Days

Saturday, Sunday and state holidays do not count in computation of days for presenting the animal for inspection/sealing.

(Refer to NAC 502.411)

Refund Of Fee For Hunting License – Loss Of Bonus Points

An applicant who fails to obtain a tag may obtain a refund of the fee for his/her hunting license if the license is not a combined hunting and fishing license and he/she: 1. Purchased the license solely to apply for a tag; 2. Does no hunting under the authority of the license; and 3. Submits the license to the Department on or before the last weekday of August of the year in which the license was valid. The Department shall accept the license only if it is received on or before that date. Please be aware that an applicant will not be awarded any bonus points if they obtain a refund for their hunting license.