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Big Game Notes Before Hunting

Limits and Hours

The limit is one animal per tag and the hunting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset for all big game hunts, unless otherwise specified. New hunts, dates or units added to a hunt in 2024 are marked in bold italics.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional access may be available through private lands. Please visit the “Incentive and Compensation Maps” page on the NDOW website ( for more information.

Helicopter Overflights and Your Hunt

Helicopter surveys may be conducted during hunting seasons. The monitoring flights are timed to occur during the most effective months of the year to check on important parameters including ratio of bucks to does, fawn recruitment, and calf production. While we try to avoid surveys during open hunting seasons, sometimes it cannot be avoided. We apologize for any disturbance this may cause and will make every effort to limit this activity during your hunt.