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Demerits & Penalties

Demerits and License Revocations

Hunting, fishing and trapping license privileges are revoked when a person accumulates 12 demerit points within a 60-month period. When a person is convicted of a wildlife violation, a certain number of demerits are assessed for that crime. The more serious the crime, the greater the number of demerits that are assessed.

Demerit based revocations can range from 2 years to as much as 10 years. Under some circumstances a person’s tag privileges may be revoked for up to 10 years.

(Refer to NRS 501.105, 501.181, 501.1818, NAC 501.200 and NAC 501.210)

Criminal Penalty Provisions

Killing a big game mammal in the state of Nevada by hunting outside of the prescribed season and time. Using the aide of an aircraft or helicopter. Using a tag assigned to another person or hunting without a tag. Utilizing a different method of take or outside the prescribed unit(s) of a tag. Or if a tag was obtained by a false or fraudulent representation are all actions that a person can be prosecuted with a FELONY for doing. Either by participating in actions themselves or by aiding and abetting another person who kills a big game mammal.

Killing an animal out of necessity to protect the life or property of another person in imminent danger of being attached by the animal or if the animal killed was not the intended target are exceptions. All accidental takes must be reported to the Department as soon as possible.

If you know or should have known an animal was killed unlawfully and you possess said animal, it is considered a GROSS MISDEMEANOR OFFENSE.

(Refer to NRS 501.376)

Unlawful Acts; Criminal Penalties

Every person who is guilty of a misdemeanor shall be punished by a fine between $50–500, and/or by imprisonment in county jail for not more than 6 months. Criminal acts considered under this title include but are not limited to: performing unlawful acts, obstructing or hindering an officer, employee, or agent of the Department, violation of Commission Regulation, or unlawful use and abuse of a license or permit privilege.

(Refer to NRS 501.385)


Any gun, ammunition, trap, snare, vessel, vehicle, aircraft or other device or equipment is subject to forfeiture pursuant to NRS 179.1156 to 179.119 inclusive if they are used in the facilitation of unlawful and intentional killing or possession of a big game mammal in Nevada. This includes knowingly transporting, selling, receiving, acquiring or purchasing an unlawfully killed big game mammal.

(Refer to NRS 501.3857)

Civil Penalties

In addition to the criminal penalties, every person who unlawfully kills or possesses wildlife is liable for civil penalties:

  • a TROPHY big game mammal – $5,000-$30,000
  • big game mammal, bobcat, swan or eagle – $250-$5,000
  • fish or wildlife not included above – $25-$1,000
  • hunting , fishing or trapping without a valid license, tag or permit – not less than $50

Failure to pay a penalty within 90 days may result in license suspension or revocation and denial of privileges.

(Refer to NRS 501.3855