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Sheldon Wildlife Refuge

Check with Refuge at (541) 947-3315 or

The Refuge is open to hunting in accordance with State hunting laws and regulations and the following specific Refuge regulations.

  1. Camping is allowed only in designated areas. Backcountry camping is authorized by permit only.
  2. Recreational or target shooting is prohibited.
  3. Vehicles- including trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, bicycles, and game carts- are allowed only on designated routes.
  4. A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permit is required for anyone conducting commercial outfitting or guiding on the refuge. Special use permit applications must be received by the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge office no later than July 1.
  5. The hunting of big game species including antelope, deer, and bighorn sheep, migratory game birds and upland game birds is permitted on the Refuge in compliance with State hunting laws and regulations. Sage Grouse hunting on the refuge requires a State issued reservation and permit. All other species of wildlife on the Refuge are protected and closed to hunting and or take.
  6. Hunting is prohibited on the following waters: Big Spring Reservoir, Catnip Reservoir, and Dufurrena Ponds. The “Little Sheldon” portion of the Refuge is closed to all hunting.
  7. Only non-motorized boats or boats with electric motors are allowed on Refuge waters.
  8. Only portable or temporary ground blinds constructed of synthetic material are allowed on the Refuge.
  1. Ground blinds are prohibited from being constructed earlier than 1 week prior to the opening day of the associated hunter’s season.
  2. Blinds are required to be removed by the end of the hunter’s season or within 24 hours of a harvest.
  3. Blinds are required to be tagged with the owner’s name and associated hunting license, permit, or tag number.
  4. Destruction of natural vegetation or below-ground excavation is prohibited.