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Welcome to 2023-24 Nevada Big Game Hunting Regulations & Seasons

2023 Nevada Big Game Hunting Regulations Cover


Alan Jenne, Director, Nevada Department of Wildlife

Here we are again, my favorite time of year when the tag application results are known, and people start making plans for the upcoming hunting season. This is when the news of who drew always seems to bring friends and families together to plan out the upcoming months. Even those who did not draw may find opportunities to get in on a hunt by helping a tag holder with scouting or as a member of the hunt party.

This winter’s heavy snow load was tough on some localized wildlife populations but came with the benefit of being one of Nevada’s wettest years. It always amazes me how the Great Basin and the species that call it home can respond to precipitation. This year’s habitat conditions are phenomenal, and our wildlife will benefit in body condition and reproduction. Habitats that have been challenged by the long drought will see relief as our native vegetation and planted habitat restoration species will receive a big boost from all this year’s water. Streams, lakes, and reservoirs are overflowing, providing benefit to our fisheries, waterfowl, and shorebird populations.

During this incredibly productive year we must continue to remind ourselves that this is not the norm and that our collaborative conservation efforts to improve conditions must continue to provide for our wildlife during the more “average” Nevada years. Maintenance and construction of water developments, weed treatment, wildfire restoration, and fish stocking activities cannot drop off. This means there are still plenty of opportunities to participate in volunteer opportunities to assist in wildlife conservation projects.

Despite the summer days seeming limitless and opportunities to be unbounded, we all know how fast the days will pass and how quickly fall will be here. I urge you all to capitalize on this time to extend the benefit and experience of your hunt by including your friends and families in wildlife conservation or hunt related activities. Inviting others to guzzler builds or sharing trips to shooting range or weekend camping/scouting trips with friends and family members will not only better prepare you for the hunt but also create long lasting memories for years to come.

Regardless of your success in the draw, I hope you all have the opportunity to get out and create memories in Nevada’s outdoors. To participate in conservation efforts, please visit to see how we may work together to further Nevada’s wildlife management projects.

Wishing you all the best of luck and best of times.

Alan Jenne

Director, Nevada Department of Wildlife