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South Carolina



WMA Public Dog Training Areas

Image of a South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Bird Dog Training Area sign.

Public Bird Dog Training Areas now available

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources recently announced the opening of four Public Bird Dog Training Areas. On these areas, anyone with a valid hunting license and a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) permit can train bird dogs between Sept. 15 and March 15 (excluding Sundays). Dog trainers may release and take pen-raised quail or pigeons for training purposes, only within the areas designated by posted signs reading “Bird Dog Training Area”. Specific boundaries of the Bird Dog Training Area are delineated on maps within the kiosks located at the WMA parking areas and are well marked with signage.

  • It is unlawful to take game by any means (other than released quail or pigeons) within the bird dog training areas, except during the lawful open seasons for such game.
  • Participants in dog training may not possess any firearms or other equipment for taking game except handguns or shotguns with blank cartridges, or shotguns with number 8 shot or smaller may be used while training dogs using pen-raised quail or pigeons.
  • All participants in bird dog training must wear a hat, coat or vest of solid visible international orange.

The Public Dog Training Areas now open in South Carolina are:

  • The entirety of the Angelus WMA in Chesterfield County
  • A Portion of the Cliff Pitts WMA in Laurens County
  • A portion of the Edisto River WMA in Dorchester County
  • A portion of the Landsford Canal WMA in Chester County