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South Carolina



Game Zone 1 WMAs Only

  • Mountain Hunt Unit: Oconee, Pickens & Greenville counties
  • Game Zone 1 consists of all properties north of the main line of the Norfolk Southern Railroad from the Georgia State line to South Carolina Highway 183 in Westminister, then north of SC Highway 183 to intersection of SC Highway 183 and the Norfolk So. Railroad main line in Greenville and then north of the main line of the Norfolk So. Railroad to the Spartanburg County line.
  • All deer must be tagged with a valid deer tag as prescribed by the department before the animal is moved from the point of kill. Tag must remain attached until the deer/carcass is quartered or received by a processor. Processors see Deer Rules & Regulations.
  • Statewide WMA limit for deer is two deer per day, 5 deer total, no more than two antlered deer, unless otherwise specified. Antlerless deer limit is two deer per day, unless otherwise specified.
  • Feral hogs and coyotes may be taken during all hunts. No hog hunting with dogs except during special hog hunts with dogs and party dog bear hunts.
  • Individual antlerless deer tags are valid on WMA lands in Game Zone 1 starting Oct. 1. For all WMAs combined in Game Zones 1, only 3 individual antlerless deer tags may be used. Use of tags does not change the type of weapon allowed during specific seasons.

SCDNR Offices

Wildlife Office

311 Natural Resources Drive, Clemson, SC 29631, 864-654-1671

Law Enforcement Office

311 Natural Resources Drive, Clemson, SC 29631, 864-654-8266




Deer — Other WMAs
(including US Forest Service Lands in WMA)

Youth Deer Hunt Day

Jan. 7 (see Youth & Mobility Impaired Hunts for WMAs)

2 deer total

Deer Primitive Weapons

Oct. 1-10

Statewide WMA Limits

All Deer Must Be Tagged

Archery only

Oct. 17-29

Still Gun Hunts

Oct. 11-15, Oct. 31-Dec. 31

  • No deer hunting on Long Creek Tracts (Oconee Co.) on or after Thanksgiving Day.


Still Hunt (No Dogs)

Oct. 17-22

  • No sow with cubs, no bears 100 lbs or less

1 bear

Party Dog Hunts

Oct. 24-29

  • No sow with cubs, no bears 100 lbs or less
  • Hogs allowed.
  • All parties (maximum party size of 25) must register by application due Sept. 1. For application write SCDNR, 311 Natural Resources Dr., Clemson, SC 29631 or download at Groups hunting together are considered 1 party.

5 bears per party


Hog Hunts
(with dogs)

Jan. 2-Jan. 10, Mar. 20-28 Refer to reg. 2.16 on WMA Regulations.

No Limit

Small Game — Other WMAs

  • Refer to chart on Small Game Seasons.
  • No small game hunting on WMAs is allowed before Sept. 1 or after Mar. 1.
  • Additional small game season restrictions may apply to specific WMAs.

Named WMAs

Caesars Head/Jones Gap WMA Greenville County

SC Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Tourism special permit required. See Game Zone 1 WMA map for more details.

Glassy Mountain Archery Only Area — Chestnut Ridge Heritage Preserve (Greenville County)

Located on the southwest side of the South Pacolet River and west of the junction of the South Pacolet River and its main tributary creek as posted.

(no dogs)

Oct. 1-Dec. 31 Archery

Statewide WMA Limits

Long Creek Tract (Forest Service) Oconee County

Game Zone 1 seasons, except small game only between Thanksgiving Day and Mar. 1.