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South Carolina


Welcome to 2021-22 South Carolina Hunting

What’s New

Act 75 (H.3694)

Bear Hunting Over Bait in Game Zone 4

It is now lawful to take a bear with the aid or use of unprocessed bait, including over an area with unprocessed bait, on private land in Game Zone 4. “Unprocessed bait” means any natural food item harvested from a plant crop that is not modified from its raw components and includes unmodified grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Effective 5/17/21

What’s New - General

Act 12 (H.3549)

Electronic Display of Licenses / Privileges

This Act clarifies that a person may provide proof of a license, permit, or stamp by use of a mobile electronic device in a format prescribed by the department.

Effective 07/01/21

Act 71 (H.3539)

Identification of Swine Transported on Roads

Requires that live swine being transported on public roads or waterways have an official form of identification approved by the State veterinarian or a document such as a receipt, bill of sale, or similar document showing the quantity of swine being transported and the name of the producer or dealer from whom the live swine were purchased or received. Live swine transported without identification are presumed to have been taken from the wild and in violation of 50-16-25.

Effective 05/17/21