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South Carolina



Small Game Regulations

Small Game

Small game includes the following species: quail, squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, opossum, fox, beaver, bobcat, mink, muskrat, otter, skunk, grouse and weasel. See Small Game Seasons.

Rabbit Boxes

It is unlawful for any person to trap rabbits, except that a landlord or tenant may use not more than five rabbit boxes on lands on which he has exclusive control during the gun season for rabbits. A hunting license is required to use rabbit boxes. Rabbit boxes are not permitted on WMA lands (50-11-160).

Running Seasons (No gun season)

During any period when rabbits, raccoons, opossums, squirrels or fox may be hunted without firearms, it is illegal to hunt such game when carrying on one’s person any firearm.

Bird Dog Training

Bird dogs may be trained year-round on private land. Trainers must have a valid hunting license and may only use firearms with blank ammunition during the closed season for quail. A Bird Dog Trainer’s License is available to persons engaged in the business of training bird dogs in return for money, goods or services. This license allows a trainer and two assistants to take pen-raised quail, chukars and pheasant during the closed season while training dogs. Applicants must provide documentation of land areas to be used for training. For information, or to obtain a license, contact: SCDNR Small Game Project at P.O. Box 167, Columbia, SC 29202 or call 803-734-3609.

Field Trials

It is unlawful to conduct or participate in any field trial unless a permit for such trial has been obtained from SCDNR. Requests for field trial permits must be submitted to SCDNR at least 14 days prior to the proposed trial date. Requests shall include payment of $5 per trial and the time and location of the proposed trial. A charter or document indicating that the trial is sanctioned by a nationally recognized field trial organization must accompany all requests for field trial permits.

For information, or to obtain a permit, contact SCDNR Wildlife Permitting Office at [email protected] or by mail at: P.O. Box 167, Columbia, SC 29202 or call 803-734-3887.