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Quail Regulations

Quail (Bobwhite & Scaled)- License Requirements

Residents & Nonresidents: An appropriate hunting license (see Licenses & Permits) or proof of exemption. However, a 5-day nonresident hunting license is not valid for quail hunting.

Dates & Open Areas

Nov. 11, 2023 - Feb. 15, 2024; statewide.

Daily Limit

10 daily, 20 in possession after the first day.

Legal Means of Taking

Shotgun (conventional or muzzleloading), longbow, legal raptors and as otherwise provided under General Hunting Regulations (see pages General Hunting Regulations).

Pot Shooting

At no time may any quail or covey be shot while resting on the ground, commonly called “pot shooting.”

Public Lands

Seasons on public lands may vary from statewide seasons. Consult public hunting lands special regulations on Special Area Regulations.

Shooting Hours

Official sunrise to official sunset.

Hunter Orange

For hunter orange requirements, see General Hunting Regulations.