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Department of Wildlife Conservation

State of Oklahoma

J. Kevin Stitt

Wildlife Conservation Commission

Leigh Gaddis, Ada

James V. Barwick, Edmond
Vice Chairman

Rick Holder, Creta

Bill Brewster, Marietta

D. Chad Dillingham, Enid

Jess Kane, Bartlesville

John P. Zelbst, Meers

Mark Mabrey, Okmulgee

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

J.D. Strong

Amanda Storck
CFO & Chief of Administration

Wade Free
Assistant Director of Operations

Bill Dinkines
Chief, Wildlife Division

Ken Cunningham
Chief, Fisheries Division

Nels Rodefeld
Chief, Communication & Education Division

Nathan Erdman
Chief, Law Enforcement Division

Smokey Solis

Jason Schooley
Sr. Biologist & Co-Editor

Ron Smith

Sr. Biologist & Co-Editor

Contributing Staff

Mike Chrisman and Chad Strang

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Barry Bolton

Do You Care About Wildlife?

Help Us Protect Them...

Operation Game Thief (OGT) is a program of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation designed specifically to stop illegal killing of the fish and game which belong to you, whether you’re an angler, sportsman or outdoor enthusiast. It’s a big problem with no simple solution. Help from public sportsmen and sportswomen makes all the difference.

Here’s why:

  • One day before the opening of a recent deer season, two poachers killed four whitetail bucks.
  • Late one summer night, three men steered their boat across a state reservoir, stopped at their illegal net site and hauled in a load of striped bass and other open-water fish they could sell for $1 a pound on the commercial market.

In each of these examples, you were the loser. You lost hunting and fishing opportunities or the chance to view wildlife in their natural surroundings. At the same time, law-abiding sportsmen received a bad reputation from those who fail to distinguish between legal and illegal hunting. OGT is something everyone can do to help wildlife and help us apprehend the poachers.

The OGT toll-free phone number is (800) 522-8039.
Callers can remain anonymous.