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OLAP Regulations

The OLAP Map Directory provides real-time maps and information including access dates, special restrictions, temporary closure alerts, printable PDF maps, and more.

Access via computer or mobile at:

Map image does not depict current OLAP locations and should not be used as reference. For up-to-date locations go to

OLAP: Code of Conduct

  • Always think safety first and shooting game second.
  • Respect the landowner. The future of the program depends on the participation of landowners.
  • Pack it in, pack it out. If you see someone else’s trash, please pick it up.
  • Remember to pick up your shotgun hulls.
  • Don’t shoot over property boundaries.
  • Use access points, gates, or corners when available. Don’t stretch fence while crossing.
  • Respect fellow sportspersons and maintain a safe and appropriate distance.
  • Respect safety buffer zones.

Hunting Regulations


OLAP walk-in hunting areas are open to water sets, live box traps and enclosed trigger traps only. All other traps are prohibited.

Quail, Pheasant

Hunting hours close at 4:30 p.m. daily.

Turkey Spring, Youth Turkey Spring

Hunting hours close at 7:00 p.m. daily.

Feral Hog

Refer to public lands regulations for feral hogs on Small Game/Hog Regulations.


Prohibited. See baiting regulations for Department-managed lands on Department-Managed Area Rules.

The following are OLAP Walk-In Hunting Area and Wildlife Viewing Area signs.

Note: signs are color coordinated with the area specific regulations listed below them.

Walk-In Hunting Area –
Archery/Shotgun Only

Sept. 1 - Feb. 16

  • Only archery and shotgun permitted.
  • No shot larger than T.
  • Centerfire, rimfire, and muzzleloading rifles are prohibited.
  • Hunting only, all other activities are prohibited.

Walk-In Limited Access

Consult restrictions for Limited Access walk-in areas.

  • Daily Use Permit required.
  • Consult Go Outdoors Oklahoma app/website for daily use permit, access types, access dates, allowed means of take, etc.

Walk-In Wildlife Viewing –
Annual Access

  • Hunting is prohibited.
  • Fishing is prohibited, unless otherwise posted.
  • Hunting and/or fishing license is NOT required for wildlife viewing.
  • Removal of any wildlife, vegetation (dead or alive), rocks, minerals and/or artifacts is prohibited.