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Game Bird Hunting

Game Bird Hunting

Reservation & Permit Application

How the Controlled Hunt Drawing Works for Game Birds

Each controlled hunt application is assigned a unique seven-digit random number. A seven-digit seed number is drawn for each hunt series, which serves as a starting point for determining which applications successfully draw a permit/reservation for each hunt within each series.

Hunting parties are maintained by the computer and only the party leader’s 7-digit number is used in the drawing.

Permits/Reservations are awarded beginning with the applicant whose 7-digit number matches (or is closest to and above) the start number.

The selection continues with the applicant having the next higher number and continues until all available permits/reservations are awarded.

Permits/Reservations are assigned to first choice applicants as above until all permits/reservations are assigned or all first choices are filled. Permits/Reservations are only assigned to second choice applicants after all first choices have been filled. This sequence is followed for 3rd, 4th and 5th choices.

To Apply

  1. Apply online from your own device.
  2. Visit any license agent.
  3. The application period opens July 1.
  4. You must have a valid hunting license to apply, or purchase at the time of application. Nonresidents: A 3-Day Nonresident Hunting License is NOT valid to apply for controlled game bird hunts. To apply for controlled game bird hunts, a regular nonresident hunting license is required.
  5. Parties must assign ONE person as the Party Leader. You must indicate whether you are applying as a party member or party leader. The party leader must apply before the party member(s). Party members must include the party leader’s ODFW ID# on their applications, and the party leader’s choices will apply to the entire group.
  6. Verify that all information entered is what you requested before the transaction is completed. No permits/reservations will be issued because of agent error. It is the hunter’s responsibility to ensure accuracy of applications. The license agent will give you an application receipt showing your hunt choices. You should check it for accuracy prior to leaving the license agent and keep it for proof of application.

Party Size (Includes Party Leader)

  1. *Fern Ridge WA - 1 (no parties)
  2. Sauvie Island WA - 4
  3. Klamath WA - 4
  4. Sage-grouse - 4

The party leader’s hunt choices will be used for the entire party. All members must list the same choices as the party leader on their individual application. If successful, all party members will receive the same hunt choice as the party leader.

* Fern Ridge successful applicants will receive a permit valid for self and one guest.

Controlled Hunt Information Line




Results Available

Results (successful or unsuccessful) will be made available by August 22 (Sage-Grouse) or by the dates listed in the tables on Wildlife Area Reservation Hunts for WA reservation hunts. Check draw results by logging into your ODFW account or visiting a license agent.

If Successful

Permits/Reservations must be purchased online or anywhere ODFW licenses are sold through the last day of the season for sage-grouse or before check-in time on the day of a WA Reservation Hunt.

NOTE: Licenses, tags, reservations and permits cannot be purchased at most WAs.