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Game Bird Hunting

Game Bird Hunting

Oregon Game Bird Stamps

Game Bird stamps are not automatically mailed to hunters. Game bird validations are printed on the hunting license, so it is no longer required that state hunting stamps be carried in the field. As a courtesy for several years ODFW had continued to mail the stamps to hunters each spring. However, some hunters are not interested in receiving the stamps. This, coupled with increasing production and mailing costs and mandates for all state agencies to reduce operational costs, prompted ODFW to begin a program where hunters with game bird validations can request stamps at no additional charge. This program saves a substantial amount of money which is used for programs such as game bird population surveys and habitat development.

To request your game bird stamp(s), complete the on-line application:

Art Prints Available for Purchase!

The sale of prints helps fund game bird research, surveys, habitat improvement, and conservation projects. See or call 503-947-6301 for more information.