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New Jersey


Welcome to 2023-24 New Jersey Hunting

2023-24 New Jersey Hunting & Trapping Digest Cover

Assistant Commissioner's Message

Dave Golden, Assistant Commissioner, NJDEP Fish & Wildlife

The 2023–24 hunting season has been generating great excitement across the Garden State. The New Jersey hunter can find seasons open across nine months of the year, with small game and fall bow beginning in some areas in mid-September and spring turkey hunting extending into May. This, coupled with over 800,000 acres of state-owned open space, makes for incredible hunting opportunities for both resident and non-resident hunters.

The dedicated staff of the NJ DEP Fish and Wildlife have worked hard throughout the year to ensure the access points are well maintained and habitats are well managed across our Wildlife Management Area system. Finding your next hunting spot is now easier than ever with our “New Jersey Wildlife Management Area Explorer.” This app is accessible from your computer or mobile device and is an easy way to find parking areas, public shooting ranges, boat ramps and other key features on Wildlife Management Areas. If you’re a pheasant or quail hunter, you’ll find the “Upland Bird – Interactive Map” a useful tool to identify stocking locations and stocking dates. Visit the app at

This year let’s all make a goal to spend more time afield. NJDEP Fish and Wildlife can help with a few programs designed to make hunting new areas easy. Our Tuckahoe managed waterfowl hunt offers new and experienced waterfowl hunters the opportunity to hunt the waterfowl impoundment system on the Tuckahoe Wildlife Management Area. See Migratory Bird Regulations for details on how you can enter the lottery for this hunt.

How about trying a new deer zone this year? Our multi-zone deer permits provide a low-cost way for you to try new zones in Regulation Set 7 and 8. By purchasing a multi-zone permit, hunters get a permit that covers all the zones in regulation set 7 or 8 (each regulation set must be purchased separately). More information on this offering is available in Deer Permits.

Since your goal is to spend more time outside this year, consider sharing your experience and knowledge with someone who has never hunted or trapped before. Our New Jersey Apprentice Hunting License makes it easy to bring first time hunters into the field (for more information, see Licenses, Permits & Fees and License Information). An Apprentice Hunting License allows any age-appropriate person to try shotgun or archery hunting, before completing a Hunter Education Course. The apprentice hunter must be with a mentor hunter as a hunting companion. Visit our website ( for more information on how this program makes it easy for first-time hunters to get started.

The content in the 2023–24 Hunting & Trapping Digest is packed with important information to keep you safe and legal while you are in the field this season. Whether you’re accessing this information online or from a hard copy of the digest, it is your responsibility to know the regulations and to follow hunting and trapping safety practices. Time outside is always time well spent. Get out there, have fun, be safe, and teach others!