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New Jersey


Welcome to 2021-22 New Jersey Hunting

New Jersey Hunting & Trapping Digest Cover

Highlights of Regulation Changes

Changes to the 2021–22 deer hunting regulations include a new antlerless permit (DRS Multi-Zone Permit), a ban on the possession and use of deer-derived lures, a ban on the importation of deer carcasses and certain deer parts, changes to DMZs for Edwin B Forsythe NWR, and changes to the Dix-McGuire and Lakehurst sections of Joint Base MDL:

  • Deer Regulation Set (DRS) Multi-Zone Permits enable you to hunt all the zones in Regulation Set 7 or 8 for one low price per regulation set. See Deer Permits.
  • The use, possession and sale of deer-derived lures is banned. Hunters may still use synthetic or non-deer derived natural lures.
  • The importation into New Jersey of hunter-harvested whole deer carcasses and non-taxidermied heads is banned. See Chronic Wasting Disease.
  • All DMZs designated as Edwin B Forsythe are now incorporated into the surrounding deer management zones. See Special Areas Information.
  • An early Fall Bow Season is added to the Dix-McGuire section of Joint Base MDL (DMZ 37). See Special Areas Information.
  • An extended Winter Bow Season is added to the Lakehurst section of Joint Base MDL (DMZ 53). See Special Areas Information.

Other hunting regulation changes include changes to migratory bird hunting for king rail and common gallinule: