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Deer Permits

Deer Permit Information

Farmer deer permit information is detailed in the Farmer Regulations on Farmer Hunting & Permit Information. Farmers purchasing non-farmer permits should also read this deer season permit section, below.

Purchasing requirements and procedure see Licenses, Permits & Fees.

  • A permit is required to hunt during the Permit Bow, Permit Muzzleloader, and Permit Shotgun deer seasons.
  • The zone-specific deer permit is valid only for antlerless deer in the season specified. Hunters are limited to purchasing one antlerless permit per zone per permit season.
  • New for 2021–22 — Deer Regulation Set (DRS) Multi-Zone Antlerless Permit. This season-specific, regulation set-specific, antlerless permit is available for Regulation Sets 7 or 8 only and allows the hunter to hunt antlerless deer within any of zones in the Regulation Set and season specified. See DRS Multi-Zone Permits Deer Hunting Regulations.
  • Only one Antlered Buck Permit per permit season may be purchased (i.e., one Antlered Buck Bow Permit, one Antlered Buck Shotgun Permit, and one Antlered Buck Muzzleloader Permit). Buck permits are valid in any zone for which the hunter has a valid antlerless zone-specific permit or DRS Multi-Zone Permit. Buck permits must be purchased by specific dates; see callout or important buck permit rules.
  • Regardless of the number of zone-specific antlerless permits in possession, hunters are limited to taking ONLY one buck during each of the permit seasons ONLY after first purchasing a Buck Permit for that season.
  • Deer permits are valid for the duration of the specified zone’s permit season, including when that season extends into the 2022 calendar year, and are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Muzzleloader season permits are not valid unless accompanied by a valid Rifle Permit while hunting.
  • It is illegal to use a permit for a zone, season or hunter other than those named on the permit. Deer permit violations are subject to a fine of $100–$1,000 for each offense.
  • The cost per permit [Antlerless (zone-specific) Deer Permit or Antlered Buck Permit] is $28 for adults and $12 for youths; the cost for a DRS Multi-Zone Permit is $56 for adults and $24 for Youths.
  • Permits are available online at or at license agents listed on Where to Buy Your License. Special Areas deer permit information is as listed under each Special Area; see Special Areas Information. Special Areas include federal military installations, certain state and county parks, and national wildlife refuges. Special Area zones include: 37, 38, 39, 53, 54, 61, 64, 66, 67, and 68.

Buying A Permit at A License Agent

  • Hours of operation and types of payment accepted vary according to license agent. Be prepared.
  • To purchase a permit a hunter must present their valid, current year’s hunting license.
  • A person may purchase a permit for an absent hunter only when the following conditions are met:
    1. The absent hunter has already completed a Child Support Certification (see Licenses, Permits & Fees) online or at a license agent and
    2. The buyer shows the absent hunter’s valid hunting license and identifying information (date of birth and Conservation ID Number or Social Security Number). License photocopies not accepted.
  • The hunter is responsible to know in what zone and season he or she wants to hunt.
  • Hunters are urged to review their permit before leaving the license agent.
  • Once a permit fee is paid and the buyer leaves the store, there will be no returns, exchanges, or refunds. No exceptions.
  • Permits purchased online will print as PDF documents. Hunters may use those afield or may purchase duplicates printed on durable material. If purchased, the duplicate durable license copy will arrive in 7–10 business days. Additional fees apply.

ALL Deer Permit Sales

Sales for all Deer Permits begin at 10 a.m. on MONDAY, Sept. 13, 2021 and continue until each season ends. Some seasons run through Feb. 12, 2022. Permit sales include those for Permit Bow, Permit Muzzleloader and Permit Shotgun seasons plus Antlered Buck Permits. See deer regulation tables, Deer Hunting Seasons. Buck permits must be purchased by specific deadlines; see callout for important buck permit rules.

NEW for 2021: Deer Regulation Set (DRS) Multi-zone Permit for Deer Reg Sets 7 and 8

Regulation Set 7 Deer Management Zones:

7, 8, 9, 12, 17, 41

Regulation Set 8 Deer Management Zones:

10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 36, 49, 50, 51

A $56 DRS (Deer Regulation Set) Multi-zone Permit enables you to hunt antlerless deer in any zone within that Regulation Set for the specified permit season. (For youths, this permit is $24.) A separate permit is available for Regulation Set 7 and for Regulation Set 8 only. DRS (Deer Regulation Set) Multi-zone Permits are available for the Permit Bow, Permit Muzzleloader and Permit Shotgun seasons.

For example, if you normally hunt Zone 9 (Reg Set 7) during the Permit Bow season, with a DRS Multi-zone Bow Permit, you may now hunt antlerless deer during the permit bow season in any or all of the zones within Regulation Set 7: Zones 7, 8, 9, 12, 17 and 41.

Antlerless bag limits are unlimited in zones within Regulation Sets 7 and 8.

The multi-zone permit enables hunters to try new hunting locations within one regulation set at a reduced cost.

Buck permits are still required to pursue or take an antlered deer. Buck permits remain unchanged and are valid for use with any zone-specific season antlerless permit or a Multi-zone Regulation Set Permit. Only one buck may be taken per season regardless of the number of zones hunted.

The purchase of a DRS Multi-zone Permit is optional — hunters may still choose to purchase a single zone permit for $28.

Warning to Violators

Be advised:
Two violations of wildlife management area regulations will result in loss of all sporting licenses and privileges for a period of five years.

Edible Portions Guide

Edible portions do not include meat from the head or neck; meat that has been damaged by the method of taking; bones, sinew, and meat reasonably lost as a result of butchering, boning, or close trimming of bones, or viscera. Edible portions do not include meat from diseased or scavenged carcasses. See Wanton Waste of Game, General Hunting Regulations.

For white-tailed deer:

  • Front quarters to the knee
  • Hind quarters to the hock
  • Backstrap/tenderloin — the meat along the backbone, between the front and hind quarters