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New Jersey


Turkey Hunting

What do I need to Hunt Turkey in NJ?


Hunting License

Turkey Permit

Non-electronic Calling Device*

Hunter Orange

Report Harvest





Not Required






Not Required


Firearms, Bows and Ammunition Legal for Turkey Hunting

Weapon Type

Gauge, Caliber or Draw Weight


Weapon Transportation

Bow: long, recurve, compound or crossbow.

35 pounds pull at archer’s draw length (long and recurve bows) or peak weight (compound bow) or 75 pounds minimum draw weight (crossbow)

Arrows must be fitted with a well- sharpened metal broadhead with a minimum width of ¾"

All bows MUST be unnocked or uncocked

Shotgun: single or double barrel

Not smaller than 20 gauge and not larger than 10 gauge, capable of holding no more than three shells

No shot larger than #4 fine shot or smaller than #7 1/2 fine shot

Shotgun MUST be cased and unloaded while in or on a vehicle, including ATVs and UTVs

Youth Turkey Hunt Day

April 23, 2022

Stalking Turkeys is Illegal

Use of a hand-held decoy or a turkey tail-on-a-stick as camouflage to sneak up on a turkey, including practices known as fanning and reaping, is prohibited. In New Jersey, stalking of wild turkeys is illegal, both for personal safety and ethical reasons.

Turkey Hunting Seminars

The latest turkey hunting techniques are presented at several turkey hunting seminars sponsored by Fish and Wildlife or wildlife conservation organizations. These seminars focus on how to set up, calling techniques and key safety information for turkey hunters. New turkey hunters are especially encouraged to join us at a seminar. Check our website for seminars scheduled during March or April.

Turkey Hunting Seasons 2021–22

There is NO Sunday hunting for turkey. See General Hunting Regulations.

Season/ Period

Season Dates

Hunting Hours

Bag Limit


Fall, Either-sex Turkey Season

Period N

Oct. 23 and Oct. 25–30, 2021

½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset

1 turkey (either sex) per permit

Only one turkey may be taken per day regardless of the number of permits held.

Report Harvest by 7 p.m. on the day of harvest.

Chasing or driving turkeys to put them in range of hunters is prohibited, though flocks may be rushed for the purpose of scattering during the fall season only.

Dogs allowed during the fall only.

See Additional regulations below.*

Spring Gobbler Season

Youth Turkey Hunting Day

(ages 10–16)

April 23, 2022

½ hour before sunrise to noon

1 male turkey per permit

(No bearded hens)

Only one turkey may be taken per day regardless of the number of permits held.

Report Harvest by 3 p.m. on the day of harvest; beginning May 16 by 9 p.m. on the day of harvest.

On Youth Turkey Hunting Day, the youth hunter (aged 10–16) must be under the direct supervision of a properly-licensed, non-hunting adult (21 or older)

For the remainder of the turkey season, a youth hunter aged 10–13 must be under the direct supervision of a properly-licensed adult (21 or older).

Period Y permit is valid throughout the Spring Gobbler Season in the designated Turkey Hunting Area until a male turkey is harvested.

Chasing or driving turkeys to put them in range of hunters is prohibited.

Calling or stand-hunting only.

See additional regulations below.*

Period Y

(ages 10–16)

Apr. 23–May 15, 2022

½ hour before sunrise to noon

1 male turkey per permit

(No bearded hens)

Only one turkey may be taken per day regardless of the number of permits held.

Report Harvest by 3 p.m. on the day of harvest; beginning May 16 by 9 p.m. on the day of harvest.

May 16–May 27, 2022

½ hour before sunrise to sunset

Period A (M–F)

Apr. 25–29, 2022

½ hour before sunrise to noon

Period B (M–F)

May 2–6, 2022

Period C (M–F)

May 9–13, 2022

Period D (M–F)

May 16–20;
May 23–27, 2022

½ hour before sunrise to sunset

Period E (Saturdays)

Apr. 30; May 7, 14, 21, 2022

½ hour before sunrise to noon

On May 21 only: ½ hour before sunrise to sunset

Turkey Permits

A valid NJ hunting license and turkey permit is required to hunt turkey. Both are available online at or at license agents. (Use this license agent locator at Turkey permits are specific to the season (fall or spring), hunting period and Turkey Hunting Area (THA). See the turkey regulation chart above for season and timeframes.

Fall 2021 Turkey Permits

Fall turkey permits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning at 10 a.m. on Monday, September 13, 2021. There is no lottery for fall turkey permits. Permits for specific areas (THAs) are available until the permit quota is reached or the season ends.

Spring 2022 Turkey Permits

Spring turkey permits are initially allocated by two separate lotteries, Lottery 1 and Lottery 2. Hunters who apply for permits in a lottery have a much greater chance of receiving their desired area and period choices than hunters who wait for over-the-counter sales of leftover permits. A non-refundable $2 application fee is charged for each lottery application. The following are the important deadlines and dates for the Spring Turkey Lottery, Award Pickup, and Over the Counter Sales of Leftover and unclaimed licenses.

  • Application Period: January 25–February 22.
  • Award notifications: Begin when the lottery is held, on or before Feb 28.
  • Permit pickup: begins Feb 28. All permits awarded in the lottery must be claimed by 11:59 p.m. on March 23. Unclaimed awarded permits will be redistributed during over-the-counter sales. Application fee(s) will not be refunded for unclaimed permits.
  • Over-the-county sale of leftover permits: 10 a.m. Monday, March 28 until permits sell out or the season ends, whichever occurs first.

Application Process

Apply at a license agent or online. Have your Conservation ID number (CID) available. Hunters may file only one application which allows for up to two permits, one from each part of the spring turkey lottery. Hunters have the option to enter up to three choices for each part, Lottery 1 and Lottery 2. If you will accept a permit only for one particular hunting area and period, then complete only a first-choice selection. Entering a second or third choice is optional and may be left blank.

Carefully consider your area/period requests for each lottery! If you request the same turkey hunting area and period in Lottery 1 and Lottery 2, you might receive two permits for the identical area and period combination. Any choice entered for Lottery 2 should be different than your choice(s) for Lottery 1 to prevent receiving two permits for the exact same area/hunting period. Permits will not be exchanged if you receive the permits requested on your application.

There is no requirement to select a second or third choice; these are optional. When an applicant’s first choice cannot be filled, the computer will check for the second choice listed. If this selection is also sold out, the computer will check for a third choice listed. Lottery 1 and Lottery 2 are completely random and each lottery awards only ONE permit — not three. Your chance of winning a permit in the lottery depends on the number of applicants and the permit quota (number available) which is displayed on our website.

Hunters who win a permit in both lotteries MUST claim BOTH awarded permits.

Permit Application via the Internet—Before You Start, have ready your:

  • Conservation ID number (CID).
  • Hunting area number with season time period.
  • Payment as credit card or e-check with checkbook and bank routing number.

Enter information carefully. Each step allows for making corrections. Once a transaction is complete, there will be NO refunds or exchanges.

Permit applicants will have the opportunity to edit their application at any time during the permit application period. Remember, entering a second and third choice is NOT required; those may be left blank if a hunter will only accept a permit for one specific turkey hunting area and period.

Applicants are responsible to make their application choices carefully. When the process is complete, print the confirmation page or note the transaction number for your records.

Permit Application at License Agent Locations—Know Before You Go

  • Know your Conservation ID number (CID#) or Social Security Number and date of birth (DOB).
  • Know your desired time period and hunting area. The store proprietor or clerk is not responsible to know the hunting area for your hunting property. Be sure to review the map and hunting area descriptions at home before you arrive at the license agent. See for interactive hunting area maps.
  • To speed your transaction, write down your information (CID, DOB, first, second and third choices) and hand it to the license agent.
  • NOTE: Agents are not able to print a receipt. It's important to have the clerk orally verify your application choices and to provide your transaction number. Keep this transaction number; it can be helpful should a problem occur with your application.
  • Types of payments accepted vary between license agents. Learn this in advance, then have the correct payment ready when you arrive.

Lottery 1

  • Selects applicants from the spring season Lottery 1.
  • All youth applicants aged 10 to 15 (16 for those still eligible to hunt using their Youth License) are guaranteed to receive their first-choice permit request in the first lottery for the spring Period Y season. Youth permits are not counted among the permit season quotas. Period Y Permits are also available during the over-the-counter sales period.
  • Hunters possessing a Permit to Shoot from a Standing Vehicle are guaranteed one Lottery 1 permit for spring Turkey Season only. Any additional permit purchased is taken from the available permit quota and is not guaranteed.

Lottery 2

  • Assigns unissued Lottery 1 permits (leftover) to applicants who applied for a permit in the Lottery 2.
  • Youth permit requests for Lottery 2 are not guaranteed. A youth’s second permit (or more) is valid only for the one designated hunting period A, B, C, D or E.

Lottery Results

Applicants will be notified of their results. Those who select email notification are reminded to set your junk/spam folder to accept this notification. IMPORTANT: the notification may fail to arrive due to email issues (email filters, data storage capacity) or postcard delivery delays. It is the customer's responsibility to know the deadlines and check their profile or contact Fish and Wildlife if they are unsure of their award status.

Claiming Your Lottery Permit

Lottery permit winners may claim their permit(s) at any license agent or online. See the lottery permit claim dates callout box below, right for spring turkey permits. At the time of application, the hunter paid only the non-refundable $2 application fee; the balance of the actual permit fee must still be paid. Internet-claimed permits are subject to an additional convenience fee.

Purchasing Unclaimed Lottery or Non-lottery Permits

Leftover (unclaimed) lottery permits and nonlottery permits are available at license agents and online. During every transaction there are several opportunities to review your information for accuracy. A complete review at each step will allow you to make corrections, if necessary. Note: Once a purchase transaction is complete there will be NO refunds or exchanges.

IMPORTANT: If a hunter is awarded permits from both Lottery 1 and Lottery 2, the hunter must claim (purchase) both permits, even if they are for the same area/hunting period. If both permits are not claimed, the hunter may only choose not to claim any awarded permit. The hunter can then attempt to purchase permits during over-the-counter sales on March 28, sold first-come, first-served.

For information on permits for disabled veterans, see the callout box Licenses, Permits & Fees. For information on farmer turkey permits, see Farmer Hunting & Permit Information.

Turkey Hunting Areas

Map for general reference only. For a complete description of the Turkey Hunting Area boundaries, scan this QR code with your mobile device or visit our website at

Spring Turkey Permits

  • Application Period January 25–February 22, 2022.
  • Award notifications will begin when the lottery is held, and permit pickup begins Feb 28, 2022.
  • Permits must be claimed by 11:59 pm on March 23, 2022. Unclaimed awarded permits will be redistributed in the over-the-counter sale.

Over-the-counter sale of leftover permits: 10 a.m. MONDAY, March 28, 2022 until permits sell out or the season ends, whichever occurs first.

IMPORTANT: Check your permit award status in your customer profile in the Electronic Licensing Systems; do not rely on e-mail or postcard notification. There is only a brief period to claim the awarded permit(s).

You MUST claim your permit BEFORE the claim period has ended! Unclaimed permits become available for over-the-counter sales. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Public Turkey Hunting Land in New Jersey

New Jersey has more than 750,000 acres of state land available to the turkey hunter. This list is arranged by turkey hunting area for public land open to turkey hunting.

Turkey Hunting Area 1

  • Delaware Water Gap Nat’l Recreation Area
  • Flatbrook-Roy WMA
  • Hainesville WMA
  • Stokes State Forest

    Turkey Hunting Area 2

  • Bear Swamp WMA
  • Delaware Water Gap Nat’l Recreation Area
  • Flatbrook-Roy WMA
  • Paulinskill WMA
  • Stokes State Forest
  • Swartswood State Park
  • Trout Brook WMA
  • Walpack WMA
  • White Lake WMA

    Turkey Hunting Area 3

  • Columbia WMA (partial)
  • Delaware Water Gap Nat’l Recreation Area
  • Worthington State Forest

    Turkey Hunting Area 4

  • Allamuchy Mountain State Park
  • Beaver Brook WMA
  • Columbia WMA (partial)
  • Honey Run WMA
  • Jenny Jump State Forest
  • Stephens State Park
  • Whittingham WMA

    Turkey Hunting Area 5

  • Kittatinny Valley State Park
  • Paulinskill WMA
  • Wallkill River NWR

    Turkey Hunting Area 6

  • Abram Hewitt State Forest
  • Hamburg Mountain WMA
  • Long Pond Ironworks State Park
  • Norvin Green State Forest
  • Ramapo Mountain State Forest
  • Ringwood State Park
  • Wawayanda State Park

    Turkey Hunting Area 7

  • Berkshire Valley WMA
  • Farny State Park
  • Rockaway River WMA
  • Sparta Mountain WMA
  • Weldon Brook WMA
  • Wildcat Ridge WMA

    Turkey Hunting Area 8

  • Buckhorn Creek WMA
  • Clinton WMA
  • Musconetcong River WMA
  • Pequest WMA
  • Pohatcong Creek WMA

    Turkey Hunting Area 9

  • Black River WMA
  • Hacklebarney State Park
  • Ken Lockwood Gorge WMA
  • Musconetcong River WMA
  • Pequest WMA
  • Rockport WMA
  • South Branch WMA
  • Voorhees State Park

    Turkey Hunting Area 10

  • Black River WMA

    Turkey Hunting Area 11

  • Alexauken Creek WMA
  • Lockatong WMA
  • Six Mile Run Reservoir State Park (bow only)

    Turkey Hunting Area 12

  • Assunpink WMA
  • Turkey Swamp WMA

    Turkey Hunting Area 14

  • Brendan T. Byrne State Forest
  • Colliers Mills WMA
  • Double Trouble State Park
  • Forked River Mountain WMA
  • Edwin B. Forsythe NWR (Spring)
  • Greenwood Forest WMA
  • Manahawkin WMA
  • Manasquan WMA
  • Manchester WMA
  • Medford WMA
  • Pleasant Run WMA
  • Whiting WMA

    Turkey Hunting Area 15

  • Wharton State Forest

    Turkey Hunting Area 16

  • Bass River State Forest
  • Hammonton Creek WMA
  • Great Egg Harbor River WMA
  • Edwin B. Forsythe NWR (Spring)
  • Penn State Forest
  • Port Republic WMA
  • Stafford Forge WMA
  • Swan Bay WMA
  • Warren Grove Recreation Area
  • Wharton State Forest

    Turkey Hunting Area 20

  • Abbotts Meadow WMA
  • Cohansey River MWA
  • DOD Ponds WMA
  • Elmer Lake WMA
  • Gum Tree Corner WMA
  • Harrisonville Lake WMA
  • Mad Horse Creek WMA
  • Maskells Mill Pond WMA
  • Salem River WMA
  • Thundergut Pond WMA

    Turkey Hunting Area 21

  • Buckshutem WMA
  • Cedar Lake WMA
  • Cedarville Pond WMA
  • Cohansey River WMA
  • Dix WMA
  • Egg Island WMA
  • Fortescue WMA
  • Glassboro WMA
  • Nantuxent WMA
  • New Sweden WMA
  • Millville WMA
  • Parvin State Park
  • Union Lake WMA
  • White Oak Branch WMA
  • Winslow WMA

    Turkey Hunting Area 22

  • Beaver Swamp WMA
  • Belleplain State Forest
  • Cape May NWR
  • Cape May Wetlands WMA
  • Dennis Creek WMA
  • Gibson Creek WMA
  • Great Egg Harbor WMA
  • Heislerville WMA
  • Higbee Beach WMA
  • Makepeace Lake WMA
  • Maple Lake WMA
  • Menantico Ponds WMA
  • Peaslee WMA
  • Tuckahoe WMA

Mandatory Harvest Tagging and Reporting

1. Hunters must tag their turkey immediately upon harvest and before moving the turkey. Fill out the Turkey Harvest Report Card (part of your permit) except the Confirmation Number which will be assigned automatically when the turkey is reported. Attach the Turkey Harvest Report Card to the turkey. The tag must include the hunter's CID, date and Turkey Hunting Area (THA) of harvest.

2. Record the turkey's sex, age and take measurements of the beard and longer spur, if applicable. Measure before starting the harvest report process to have your answers ready. See sexing, aging and measuring wild turkeys at

  • Use the ½ inch ruler provided on your Turkey Harvest Report Card to determine if the longest spur is less than, equal to or greater than ½ inch. Measure the spur from the very base where it meets the leg scales to the very tip.
  • Use a ruler, tape measure or a dollar bill (which is 6 inches in length) to determine if the beard is less than, equal to or greater than 6 inches in length. Measure the beard from the skin at its base to the end of the longest filament.

3. Report your harvest via the Automated Harvest Reporting System (by phone or online as printed on every hunting license and permit.) Upon reporting, you will receive a Confirmation Number. Record the assigned Confirmation Number on your Turkey Harvest Report Card. Retain the Confirmation Number as long as the turkey or its parts are in possession.

If unable to access the Automated Harvest Reporting System by the designated time, the turkey shall be reported immediately by telephone to the nearest Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement office listed on Law Enforcement. You must continue to attempt calling to reach the Automated Harvest Report System until you receive a Confirmation Number for that turkey.

REGARDLESS of how many turkey permits are purchased, a hunter may only harvest ONE turkey per day.

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