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Youth & Apprentice Deer Hunting

Youth and Apprentice Deer Hunting Weekend

Youth and Apprentice Deer Hunting Weekend questions and answers can be found at:

September 30 and October 1

  • Statewide.
  • Resident and nonresident youth hunters 15 years of age and under or holders of a valid apprentice hunting license, when in compliance with all applicable laws and licenses, may hunt when accompanied and directly supervised by an adult over the age of 18 who has a valid Virginia hunting license or is exempt from purchasing a hunting license. Nonresident youth of any age need to have the appropriate licenses (unless exempt from purchasing a license).
  • Deer of either sex may be taken.
  • Antlerless deer taken on the youth and apprentice deer hunting weekend are in addition to an antlerless deer taken under the youth and apprentice antlerless deer regulation and on either-sex deer hunting days.
  • Deer harvested by youth or apprentice hunters count against their daily and season bag limit.
  • Blaze colored requirements and exceptions for firearms deer season are in effect (see General Hunting Information).
  • Deer hunting with dogs is prohibited, except that tracking dogs are allowed (see Hunting with Dogs, General Hunting Information).
  • Adult hunters accompanying youth or apprentice deer hunters:
    • do not need a deer/turkey license on this weekend.
    • shall not carry or discharge a weapon.
    • shall maintain close visual and verbal contact with, provide adequate direction to, and can immediately assume control of the firearm.
  • Unless specified above, all other normal firearm deer regulations apply (e.g., daily and season bag limits, tagging and reporting, EAB, antler point restrictions, etc.).

Youth and Apprentice Antlerless Deer Regulation

Resident or nonresident deer hunters 15 years of age and under and holders of a valid apprentice hunting license may take one antlerless deer per license year on days other than designated either-sex deer hunting days during the muzzleloading season(s) or the firearms season(s) in all counties. This regulation applies to all private and public lands (National Forest, State Forests, WMAs, etc.) statewide. This regulation is in addition to either-sex deer hunting days. For example, if a youth or apprentice deer hunter killed one or more antlerless deer on designated either-sex deer hunting days, he or she could still take one antlerless deer on a day not designated an either-sex deer hunting day.

Q: Can I use a suppressor for hunting in Virginia?

A: Yes, lawfully owned and possessed suppressors may be used for hunting in Virginia.

Q: Are deer decoys legal for deer hunting in Virginia?

A: Yes.