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Game Bird Hunting

Game Bird Hunting

Welcome to 2022-23 Virginia Game Bird

Virginia Game Bird Hunting Regulations Cover

What's New

  • The Special Sea Duck Season in the Sea Duck Zone has been eliminated. Sea ducks can still be taken during the regular duck season. See Regulations by Species.
  • The restriction on hooded mergansers has been removed. The daily bag limit for mergansers is still 5 total, and can include any combination of hooded, red-breasted and common mergansers. See Regulations by Species.
  • The General Assembly passed a new law that now allows Sunday hunting for all migratory game bird species, except within 200 yards of a place of worship or any accessory structure thereof. Please check with the landowner where you are planning to hunt to see if Sunday hunting is allowed on that property. To see if hunting is allowed on Sundays on specific DWR Wildlife Management Areas, see