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New Jersey

Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater Fishing

Public Meetings & TIPS Line

Freshwater Fisheries Forums and Trout Meeting

Fisheries Forum —Virtual

February 26, 2022; 10 a.m.

Trout Meeting — Virtual

March 12, 2022; 10 a.m.

Come and share your views and recommendations for the future of freshwater fisheries in New Jersey and learn about current research, management and fish culture activities!

For more information or to pre-register (helpful, but not required) please call 908-236-2118 or send an email to Emails should include name, address, phone number and number of people attending.

Presented by NJ Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Fish and Wildlife. Go to for updates.

Operation Game Thief

Report Abuse of our Outdoor Heritage!

24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

The person who poaches, pollutes habitat and abuses public land tarnishes the image of sportsmen and robs us of our fish and wildlife as well as tax and license dollars. You can make a difference.

Call OGT to report:

  • Negligent use of firearms
  • Over the limits for game and fish
  • Commercial exploitation of fish and wildlife
  • Pollution of habitat, dumping on state land
  • Destruction of signs and state property
  • Illegal killing, taking or possession of any wildlife

It's Free. It's Confidential. You May Be Eligible for a Reward.

Funded by the New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs.
Designed to encourage sportsmen to report poaching and wildlife crimes.

Speargun Case Nets $880 in Penalties

An assortment of illegally speared fish, Paulinskill River. Photo by CPO Tyler Hausamann/NJ Div. Fish and Wildlife.
An assortment of illegally speared fish, Paulinskill River. Photo by CPO Tyler Hausamann/NJ Div. Fish and Wildlife.

On May 21, 2020, Conservation Police Officer Tyler Hausamann responded to a complaint of illegal fishing at the Paulina Dam section of the Paulinskill River in Blairstown, Warren County. Once there, CPO Hausamann observed several people near the dam. One person was fishing with rod and reel while others began to pack up. Suddenly, someone starting yelling and congratulating another person who surfaced in the dam’s spillway.

The man, who was wearing goggles and carried a speargun, held a large bass on the end of the spear. The fish went into a blue bucket as the group quickly tried to pack up and leave. Officer Hausamann stopped them before they had the chance.

The suspects denied having any fish, but Officer Hausamann recovered the blue bucket and speargun from one of the vehicles. Fourteen fish — a collection of rainbow trout, tiger trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass — were in the bucket. All but one fish had spear holes.

Seven summonses were issued for the violations, with penalties totaling $880. The cited violations included: fishing without a valid license, possession of trout without a trout stamp, taking bass during closed season, taking undersize bass, taking trout over the limit and taking fish in an illegal manner.