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Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater Fishing

Recreational Fishing Information

Special Provisions

Please see the “Fishing Licenses” section (License Fees) for more information on Mississippi recreational saltwater sportfishing licenses and Mississippi’s free saltwater sportfishing days (License Information). A recreational saltwater fishing license is required for all methods of recreational finfish harvest.

It shall be unlawful for recreational fishermen to sell or offer for sale any seafood caught in or landed in the state of Mississippi, and only licensed commercial fishermen may catch and sell seafood. Furthermore, it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to purchase, buy, barter for or trade for any seafood caught in or landed in the state of Mississippi that was caught or landed by a recreational fisherman or that was transported into the state of Mississippi by a recreational fisherman.

It is lawful for any restaurant to possess, prepare and serve lawfully recreationally caught marine finfish to the persons who caught the finfish (MS Code § 49-7-56).

Recreational fishermen not fishing in Mississippi waters may transport and land fish that meet the minimum size and creel limits of the waters in which they were legally caught. Said recreational fishermen must possess a valid saltwater sportfishing license as may be required in the waters where the fish were caught. In the absence of minimum size or creel limits in another jurisdiction, Mississippi law will prevail.

Charter and Head Boats

Persons on a licensed charter boat or head boat may possess a two-day bag limit only when complying with the following conditions and only for the species listed in subsection G as listed below:

  1. Charter boats must be less than 100 gross tons and meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements to carry six or fewer passengers.
  2. Head boats must hold a valid certificate of inspection issued by the Coast Guard.
  3. The charter boat or head boat must possess a federal reef fish permit if
    fishing for reef fish or in possession of reef fish in federal waters.
  4. The charter boat or head boat must have two Coast Guard-certified captains aboard (as required by Coast Guard regulations for trips over 12 hours).
  5. Each person aboard the charter boat or head boat must possess a certificate issued in the name of the chartering company, stating the time and date the charter left the dock, and the trip must be in excess of 24 hours.
  6. For-hire vessel captains and crew are prohibited from retaining a recreational bag limit of Red Snapper, Greater Amberjack and Spotted Seatrout.
  7. King and Spanish Mackerel, snappers (Red, Vermilion, Lane, Gray, Mutton, Yellowtail, Schoolmaster, Cubera, Dog, Mahogany, Queen, Blackfin, Silk and Wenchman), groupers (Misty, Snowy, Yellowedge, Warsaw, Speckled Hind, Red, Yellowfin, Black, Gag, Scamp, Yellowmouth, Rock Hind and Red Hind), Hogfish, Gray Triggerfish, Lesser Amberjack, Banded Rudderfish, Almaco Jack, Goldface Tilefish, Anchor Tilefish, Blackline Tilefish, Blueline Tilefish and Greater Amberjack.

It is unlawful for charter or recreational fishermen to possess fish with heads, tails or flesh removed until landed at the final destination; however, fish may be gutted, scaled or have the gills removed. Any charter or recreational fishermen fishing outside of state territorial waters over 24 continuous hours may possess filleted fish in Mississippi waters, but only if a float plan is filed with the MDMR in advance and a signed copy is aboard the vessel. Float plans are available at the MDMR during regular working hours and must be submitted prior to the vessel’s departure on the fishing trip. A float plan does not allow anglers to possess a two-day catch limit.

Mandatory Red Snapper Reporting

Recreational and for-hire vessels landing Red Snapper in Mississippi must report their catch in the Tails n’ Scales system. Only one report per vessel, per trip is required. Trip must be created prior to departure through a smartphone app or at The Tails n’ Scales app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Report should be submitted when trip is complete. Once fishermen create a trip, they must close it out before creating a new one. For questions, email [email protected] or call 228-325-1585.

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