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Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater Fishing

Welcome to 2022-23 Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing

Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Regulations Cover

Getting Back to Normal

Greetings to all saltwater anglers fishing in Massachusetts for 2022. As we steam away from the turbulence of the past two years, 2022 should be a more normal year and there’s lots of optimism about fishing this year. Many tackle manufacturers are seeing fewer supply chain problems for this upcoming year and our party and charter boats are seeing lots of demand for peak season reservations. The forecast for the tourist economy also looks very strong for the upcoming summer!

DMF has been busy working on many conservation issues over the past year. Striped bass conservation will be in the conversation this year as the Atlantic states work together to continue rebuilding the migratory stocks of stripers with new regulations likely in 2023. Release mortality studies are ongoing to identify the best angling and handling methods to enhance survival of released stripers. There are so many simple things you can do to improve a released fish’s chance at survival such as replacing your j-hooks with inline circle hooks, handling fish in shallow water, not dragging the fish across rough surfaces (like rocks or sand) and limiting the time a fish is out of the water before being released. DMF will be promoting enhanced angler skills to improve survival. Check out our web site for our new angler education products including instructional videos to help you improve your skills. DMF’s continued goal is to help you get the next generation of anglers out on the water. The new “Saltwater Fishing Field Guide” is a great tool for kids and families to learn a lot about the basics of saltwater fishing. There is also a fishing gear lending program which allows groups to borrow rod and reel setups for clinics or other fishing events. I hope you will subscribe to our social media accounts to stay updated on important fisheries issues in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts motorists can now purchase a new striped bass specialty plate from the registry of motor vehicles. All funds collected from the sale of these plates will be dedicated to striped bass research and conservation as well as river herring restoration. We hope dedicated anglers will purchase this new plate and show their passion for saltwater fishing here in Massachusetts.

Please be sure to visit one of our many tackle shops and get out on one of our for-hire fishing businesses. They are some of most knowledgeable and helpful experts along the coast who can ensure your fishing trip is successful. Finally, if you encounter DMF’s recreational fishing survey staff at a boat ramp, marina, on a party boat, or any shore fishing site, please participate in a short angler interview. Good management depends on good data and you can make a difference!

We hope you have the best fishing year you’ve ever had in 2022. After the past couple of years, you deserve it.