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Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater Fishing

Common Rigs & Knots

Common Rigs Used for Bait Fishing

Three-Way Rig: Gets its name from using a three-way swivel and is useful for catching striped bass, tautog, winter flounder, and just about any other bottom-dwelling species. Various lengths (6-24 inches) can be used for the weighted leader which carries the bait down in the water column. The baited leader (12-36 inches) presents live or dead bait when stationary or drifting and can be used to slow-troll plugs or other lures.

Fish-Finder Rig: A simple rig to set-up and tie that can be used when fishing for multiple species from shore. This rig allows for large pieces of bait to be presented and allows for the fish to ingest the bait before setting the hook. The weight on the slide swivel holds the line down but allows for the bait to be dropped back to fish such as striped bass, fluke, and many others.

Illustration of a three-way rig for bait fishing.
Illustration of a fish-finder rig for bait fishing.

Common Knots

These and more fishing knots are available on waterproof plastic cards at