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Other Seasons

Other Hunting Seasons


Special permit required. Resident and migratory game species, EXCEPT turkey, may be taken. Seasons and bag limits for statewide and WMA regulations apply. Migratory game birds may be taken during regular hunting seasons or during extended falconry seasons. The falconry daily bag limit for migratory game birds during extended falconry seasons and during regular hunting seasons is three migratory game birds, singly or in the aggregate. Possession limit is nine migratory game birds, singly or in aggregate. See LAC 76:V.301 for complete regulations.

Licensed Hunting Preserve

Oct. 1 - April 30. Pen-raised birds only. No limit entire season. See LAC 76:V.305 for complete regulations.

Farm Raised White-tailed Deer & Exotics on Supplemented Shooting Preserves

See LAC 76:XIX.111 for complete regulations. Archery, Firearm & Primitive Firearms: Oct. 1- Jan. 31 (either-sex).