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Welcome to 2024 Louisiana Fishing

2024 Louisiana Fishing Regulations Cover

Major Changes for 2024

Please refer to the LDWF website for current information:

  • Dip nets, landing nets, minnow traps, crab nets or crab lines all require a minimum of a Hook and Line License; if you do not already possess a basic fishing license and saltwater license (if applicable).

Marine Fisheries

  1. During 2024, the use of recreational crab traps will be prohibited in designated derelict crab trap cleanup areas. Please check our website for the most recent information.
  2. Rule changes were implemented to adjust the size and possession limits of swordfish to a minimum of 25 inches Cleithrum to Caudal Keel Length or 47 inches Lower Jaw to Fork Length from a 33 pounds dressed weight or 29 inches carcass length. Further rule changes considered would limit swordfish possession to 1 per person or 4 per vessel on private recreational vessels, 1 per person or 6 per vessel on charter vessels, and 1 per person or 15 per vessel on head boats from the previous 1 per person or 5 per vessel for all vessels.
  3. A rule change added roundscale spearfish with a 66 inch Lower Jaw to Fork Length minimum size limit to current billfish regulations as this is a distinct species from white marlin.
  4. A rule change to remove the recreational and commercial closed season for the harvest of sharks, which is currently April 1 - June 30 of each year was implemented.
  5. A rule change to adjust the size and possession limits of red drum has been implemented. New red drum bag limits are 4 fish per person. The new minimum size limit is 18 inches total length. Retention of red drum over the maximum size limit of 27 inches total length is now prohibited. Charter captains and crew may not possess a daily limit of red drum while on a for-hire trip, their bag limit is zero, however, charter captains and guides may engage in fishing to demonstrate how to catch red drum.
  6. The LWFC is considering a rule to establish a Recreational Bowfishing Permit for all anglers (18 and older) on a private vessel and all charter captains on for-hire vessel harvesting saltwater finfish species with bow and arrow gear or utilizing bow and arrow gear south of the saltwater line.
  7. As of July 1, 2022, all escape rings on a crab trap must be no more than one mesh length from a corner.
  8. A rule change to adjust spotted seatrout size and bag limits has been implemented. New spotted seatrout bag limits are 15 fish per person and the new size limits are a 13 inch minimum total length and a 20 inch maximum total length with an allowance for 2 fish over 20 inches as part of the overall bag limit. There are no longer separate size and bag limits in Cameron and Calcasieu Parishes, new bag and size limits are statewide.

Inland Fisheries

  1. During the 2022 legislative session, trapping bream (Lepomis spp.) for use as bait using traps no larger than 24 inches in length with throats no larger than one by three inches was made legal, statewide.
  2. During the 2022 legislative session, hand-grabbing (noodling) was made a legal form of take.
  3. Hoop nets, wire nets, and slat traps must be marked with user’s name and fishing license number attached directly to the device.
  4. New rules regarding the marking, tending, and limits of yo-yos, trigger devices, trotlines, limb lines, jugs, and all passive devices containing a hook or hooks were enacted.

Free Fishing Weekend

June 8-9

Enjoy a weekend of fishing in Louisiana without having to purchase a license. Visit for special events and more information