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License Requirements

  1. Basic Recreational Fishing License (the Crawfish Trap Gear License is included in the Basic Recreational Fishing License.)


  • Only a Hook and Line License is required if harvesting crawfish recreationally with crawfish nets, dip nets, hand lines or bait seines.
  • A WMA Access Permit is required if fishing for crawfish on an LDWF WMA or refuge.

Methods of Take

Crawfish may be taken with any legal crawfish trap, crawfish net, hoop net, wire net, handline, bushline, bait seine or dip net. A cast net must not exceed 8.5 feet in radius. Crawfish traps may be prohibited on certain LDWF WMAs and refuges. Consult fishing regulations on WMA’s and Refuges for more details.


A crawfish trap is defined as any device constructed of coated wire with the opening of the throats or flues not exceeding 2 inches, and which is used for the express use of taking crawfish. Crawfish traps are typically of the pillow style or cone style with minimum mesh size no smaller than 3/4 inches by 11/16 inches. Traps must have a minimum mesh size of a hexagon of 3/4 by 11/16 of 1 inch from wire to wire not including any coating on the wire.


A crawfish net is defined as any device constructed with vegetable or synthetic material without flues or throats attached to a wire frame that forms a net basket and is used for the purpose of taking crawfish.


There is no closed season for wild crawfish harvest EXCEPT for some wildlife management areas and state and federal refuges (see WMAs and Refuges on WMAs, Refuges & Federal Lands).

Size and Possession Limits

  • There is no minimum size for crawfish.
  • The bag and possession limit for crawfish is 150 pounds daily per person in state waters.
  • No more than 35 traps may be used per person while fishing recreationally for crawfish.