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Welcome to 2023-24 Louisiana Hunting

2023 Louisiana Hunting Regulations Cover

What's New for 2023

  1. Clarification of use of deer and turkey tags.
  2. Moving Franklin, Madison and Tensas parishes from Turkey Area A to Turkey Area C.
  3. Mottled duck bag limit change.
  4. WMA and LDWF-leased dove fields shooting hours will be same as outside.
  5. Camp Beauregard WMA has been renamed Esler Field WMA.
  6. Fort Polk - Vernon WMA has been renamed Fort Johnson - Vernon WMA.
  7. Peason Ridge WMA has been renamed Fort Johnson North WMA.
  8. Creating a Youth Lottery on Alexander State Forest WMA.
  9. Creating Small Game Emphasis Area on Bodcau WMA.
  10. Night time closure of certain activities on Bussey Brake WMA.
  11. Addition of either-sex deer days on Joyce, Maurepas Swamp and Salvador/Timken WMAs.
  12. Converting Primitive firearms either-sex days to modern firearm either-sex days on Little River WMA.
  13. Changing the two-day youth turkey lottery to a two-day youth open turkey season on Pearl River WMA.
  14. Closure of turkey season on Richard K Yancey WMA.
  15. Establishing a 2-day youth turkey lottery on Sandy Hollow WMA.
  16. Closure of turkey season on Sherburne WMA.
  17. Reduction of days of deer hunting opportunity on Sherburne WMA.
  18. Removal of general turkey lottery and proposing a 9-day open season on Tunica Hills WMA.
  19. Establishing a PCHP wheelchair blind hunting area on West Bay WMA.
  20. Eliminating experimental hunting area on Fort Johnson - Vernon WMA.
  21. Allowing Little River Basin (former known as Catahoula Lake) to be hunted during managed hunts on Dewey Wills WMA.
  22. Prohibition of altered exhaust systems on vessels on WMAs.