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Welcome to 2022-23 Louisiana Hunting

Louisiana Hunting Regulations Cover

What's New for 2022

  1. Licensing changes (Licenses & Fees):
    • Change to license fees; see fee tables for details.
    • Change to license validity period from June 1-30 to 365 days from the date of purchase.
    • Changing the big game license to individual licenses for deer and turkey.
    • Change to senior hunt/fish licenses.
    • Change to the lifetime licenses; see fee table for details.
    • New requirement that all LDWF owned and administered land will require a WMA access permit for all activities (Wildlife Management Areas).
    • New requirement that all persons camping on a LDWF-operated WMA campground must have a WMA camping permit (Wildlife Management Areas).
    • Addition of hunting guide license.
    • Addition of youth license.
    • Change to permit requirements for use of department administered lands including wildlife refuges and wildlife management and habitat conservation areas.
    • New option for those purchasing a license to donate and help provide disabled veterans with hunting and fishing licenses.
  2. Addition of electronic tagging for deer and turkey (Deer Hunting).
  3. Opening all of Caddo Parish to turkey hunting in Turkey Area B (Turkey Regulations).
  4. Establishment of a Limited Use Area on Bodcau WMA (Individual WMA Schedules A-K).
  5. Addition of youth lottery turkey hunting days on Clear Creek and West Bay WMAs (Individual WMA Schedules A-K).
  6. Elimination of modern firearm either-sex deer days on Joyce, Maurepas Swamp and Salvador/Timken WMAs (Individual WMA Schedules L-Z).
  7. Change in Archery season dates on Tunica Hills WMA (Individual WMA Schedules L-Z).