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Saltwater Fishing in Georgia

From the deep waters of the Gulf Stream across a wide expanse of open Atlantic Ocean through winding tidal rivers to remote marshes, coastal Georgia offers a diversity of inviting places for the saltwater angler. Whether you fish from the surf, a fishing pier, or a boat, there is always something ready to tug on your line.

Five Things You Can Do

To Be A Responsible Angler

  • Buy a fishing license with the free Saltwater Information Program (SIP) permit. Funds from the license support fisheries management, boating and fishing access projects, and conservation law enforcement. Your SIP permit helps identify you as a Georgia saltwater angler, which aids in management decisions and the allocation of federal funds.
  • Handle the fish as little as possible. Leaving a fish in the water is the best option when releasing it, but if you must remove it from the water, wet your hands first to avoid removing its protective slime.
  • When taking a photograph with the fish, be sure to support its weight by holding the fish horizontally and support its weight with your hands.
  • If a fish looks lethargic, gently force water through the mouth and over the gills by holding it in the current, or slowly moving the fish in a figure-eight motion.
  • Use non-stainless steel non-offset circle hooks when possible. It is believed that these hooks reduce the rate of gut hooking in fish and helps increase their chance of survival after release. Non-stainless steel hooks also rust quicker than stainless if it is left in the fish.