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Department of Natural Resources

Brian P. Kemp, Governor

Mark Williams, Commissioner, Department of Natural Resources

Ted Will, Director, Wildlife Resources Division

Doug Haymans, Director, Coastal Resources Division

Thomas Barnard, Colonel, Law Enforcement Division

Board of Natural Resources*

First District

Alfred W. “Bill” Jones, III

Second District

Jeff “Bodine” Sinyard

Third District

Patrick Denney

Fourth District

Dwight H. Evans

Fifth District

Paul Shailendra

Sixth District

Dwight J. Davis

Seventh District

Randy Dellinger

Eighth District

Gary Vowell

Ninth District

William A. Bagwell, Jr.

Tenth District

Ray P. Lambert, Jr.

Eleventh District

Robert D. Leebern, Jr.

Twelfth District

Duncan N. Johnson, Jr.

Thirteenth District

Billy E. New, Jr.

Fourteenth District

Delos H. Yancey, III

Coastal District

Nancy A. Addison


Joe Hatfield

Nick Ayers

Miki Thomaston

Tim Lowe

* List of Board Members was current as of press time. To see a current list of Board Members please go to